Merry Meet!

Hello, world.

I decided I need a place to record my magickal musings – I have a private Book of Shadows, but I share with my “tribe” often, so an easily accessible online page seemed like the place to record these nuggets of wisdom as I learn them.  An online, share-able magickal journal, if you will.  With the added bonus of being searchable – the worst part of paper journals is flipping through 75 pages to find that ONE Beltane ritual you wrote down two years ago…

Magick?  Ritual?  I can see the scowls on some faces now. No matter.

I am what you’d called a Pagan Pantheist.  Or maybe a Pagan Panentheist.  Honestly, I am still trying to decide.  I go back and forth, and expect that one day I will suddenly KNOW, deep down, which I resonate more with.  In the meantime, it doesn’t matter – this small point does not affect my daily life in any noticeable way.

I am a Pantheist/Panentheist because I believe that the Divine, Source, God (whatever you like to use) is in ALL.  My internal debate is whether the Universe and the Divine are the same, or if the Universe is a PART of the Divine.  (See my dilemma?)

I am a Pagan (root of the word meaning rustic, country dwellers) because I find the Divine in nature, and believe any number of archetypes can be powerfully used to invoke the sacred within ourselves.  One Source, but many, many manifestations of it – and any can be considered sacred and powerful.  Gods, Goddesses, trees, rocks, vibrations and sounds, magnificent locations, animals, saints…the list goes on.  (What’s powerful for you?)

I’ve found a lot of excellent blogs, videos, and books as I study the path of spirit.  My only wish is that they might occasionally be divided into smaller, more mentally-digestable chunks of information.  If something is connected to spirit or myth, I often have to let it sink in for a while before moving to the next part.  So, here, we will have pagan pantheist pieces.  Literally. Small, easy pieces.

I am a:
Happily married,
Professionally employed,
Continually seeking,

And these are my musings.



One thought on “Merry Meet!

  1. I’m kind of loving that you started a blog. 🙂 My entire career started off with a blog like this, and it changed the entire course of my life. Of course, blogs are great simply for journaling and getting to know people, as well!


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