Celtic Month of the Hawthorn


Celtic Calendar: Hawthorn Month, May 13 – June 9

Some quick notes on the tree and the month:

1. Good time for magick related to peace, prosperity, protection, fertility, marriage, business decisions.  A time of masculine energy and fire – male potency is high this month!

2. Hawthorn can cleanse the heart of negativity, and stimulate love and forgiveness.

3.. Hawthorn trees are said to attract the fae, and are often found guarding wells or springs.

Hawthorn Moon Magick:
Focus on keeping a barrier between yourself and things you don’t want.  Release old problems or lingering irritations. This is a a sign of fertility and death.

Lesson of the Hawthorn (from “The Wisdom of Trees”)

“The blossoming of the Hawthorn marks the certain end of the dark days of winter and the return of the procreative forces of nature to the fullness of spring.
The beautiful white flowers give cause for celebration of nature’s capacity for renewed life and love, and for the wonders of lovemaking, conception, and childbirth.
For the Celts there was no shame attached to these natural processes.
They were revered and respected as an essential part of life, and as a sacred expression of the human capacity for love.”

How are you celebrating this hawthorn energy in your own life?


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