Star Stuff: Mercury in Gemini, Mercury Retrograde

Notes on what’s happening astrologically right now:

Mercury is in curious, quick-witted Gemini to July 8th.
How can we tap into and flow well with this energy?


-The pace of life picks up a bit.  Thoughts and communication are flowing quickly and sometimes, non-stop.  Slightly feeling ADD?  Normal for this time.
-Mental exchanges will have priority for the next few weeks – a time of study, learning, mental challenge, curiosity, social and intellectual growth.  Absorb what others are saying, and add to the discussion.
-Be open to social time with new, diverse people – you can learn a lot.
-Just be careful not to exhaust yourself with all of this study, learning, social time.

As it moves through Gemini, Mercury is going retrograde May 19th to June 11th.
During this time:
-We can actually enhance communication if we seek honest exchanges vs. surface platitudes.
-Honesty is called for – even the risky kind. Whatever we try to deny now will be doubly felt in a month’s time – it’s far better to deal with it now.
-Thoughts and feelings shared now are laying the groundwork for deeper intimacy in due course.
-How we proceed from here rests on how well we embrace the current challenge to be honest in all that we do.

Also happening now:
Saturn is still retrograde to August 2nd.


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