Star Stuff: What’s happening astrologically?

I study/track the writings of various professional astrologers, and weekly, boil the big happenings down to a few notes I can use easily.  This seems like as good a place as any to share them!

So, what’s happening now?  Lots. One of those things:

Saturn is currently retrograde until August 2nd. What does this mean?


-In this time, we’ll get very clear on what we are committed to and how we are living our lives.
-Long term goals may feel a bit stuck. Be flexible and open-minded with any frustrations.
-When Saturn (“the great teacher”) goes retrograde, we get to see where we need to create or renew our commitments. Take it all in.  Decide where you need adjustments.

Ring true for anyone? I know I am currently definitely seeing places in my own life where I need to renew commitments, and am happy I get to do so.


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