Spider Medicine & Goddess Oracle: Ix Chel

This week in Witch Camp, we’re learning some animal medicine and working with Spider energy.  I’ve never been particularly afraid of spiders, but I’ve also never felt drawn to them.  This week’s lesson gave me some new perspective I thought I’d share:

“All animal wisdom (or Medicine) is derived from the traits of the animal itself. So while you can go to a guidebook or check out an online site for info about a particular animal’s Medicine, you can also simply look up the animal’s habits and lifestyle and extrapolate from there.

Here’s the deal with spiders:

  • Like humans, spiders are builders. They are the only animal besides us that builds a trap for its prey.
  • Like snakes and snails, spiders must shed their outer shell in order to grow bigger.
  • Spiders are good mamas, raising their young and, in some extreme cases, allowing their young to feed on their bodies.
  • They are weavers. The silk with which they make their webs is created within them.

So, this translates to symbolism:

  • Spider (like snake) is seen as symbolizing both life and death, creation and destruction.
  • Spider sits on its web, which looks much like the Sacred Wheel. The spider itself has 8 legs. From a Celtic point of view, this can be seen as the 8 celebrations on the Wheel of the Year. From a Native American point of view, it is the 4 directions and the 4 winds. Spider’s body is in two parts and looks like an hour glass, the number 8, an infinity sign: so Spider represents the wheel of the year going round indefinitely.
  • Spider’s web is near invisible unless wet, so it confers invisibility.
  • Spider web was used as spiritual protection against arrows because the arrow would have to get through the web (empaths: try working with a little Spider energy!).”

I found that all super interesting.  I read this today, and then in our chalice circle, I pulled a Goddess Oracle card – and of course, it was the Mayan goddess Ix Chel, complete with her weaving of spider webs in the card imagery, and a focus on creativity.  She also represents having children, birthing and healing…themes for me to rest with during this moon cycle.



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