Full Moon in Capricorn: July 1

The Blessing Moon, or Meadow Moon

Nightly praying

Colors: green, silver, blue-gray
Gemstones: moonstone, white agate, opals, pearls
Trees: ash, oak
Deities: Juno, Cerridwen, Venus, Athena
Herbs: mugwort, hyssop, lemon balm
Element: water

Good time for: divination and dream work

Wednesday evening at 10:30 PM, the moon becomes full in practical, accomplishment-oriented Capricorn, opposing the sun in protective, feeling-oriented Cancer.  What does this mean for us? How can we use these energies well, and flow with them?

For the next two weeks, we are looking for balance between our inner experience (Cancer) and our outer obligations or goals (Capricorn).  It’s important to realize that our long-term goals need our attention – and that they will bring fulfillment and inner stability.

Cancer and Capricorn are both receptive/feminine/yin energies, so we are clearly asked to go within before taking action.  With Cancer’s energy, we must recognize our own needs in order to feel internally stable; if we don’t manage this, we’ll give our power away to others, become victims, sacrifice ourselves for family and/or job.  With Capricorn energy, we must develop an internalized sense of authority and responsibility.  This full moon asks us to look closely at the balance between taking care of ourselves, versus taking care of others — where we have reached our limit and where we need to set some priorities.  Allow yourself to be passionate and assertive, without being destructive and obsessive – this is an opportunity to re-balance the masculine and feminine within ourselves and the world.

Venus aligns with Jupiter in Leo during this full moon, expanding the flow of generosity, joy, playfulness and our ability to connect to our inner child and children in general.

The message this full moon is connected to our internal masculine/feminie balance: we need to be happy and whole.  When these are balanced, we can be both powerful and kind, we honor ourselves and others and know how to access both our head and our heart.

It’s Cancer Sun season, a time of reconnecting to soul, family, past. In so doing we receive a mirror our deepest selves. Our mysterious patterns and vexing conditioning we often trace to our childhood or parents; our anger issues, our parents’ rocky marriage…but go back even further and you may find a relation from another century living an aspect of your life. Patricia Walsh, in her fascinating article Pluto in Capricorn and Ancestral Spirits, says, “You are not an island, and you stand at the end of a very long lineage, that still lives within and around you through the spirits of your ancestors.”The Moon is Full in Capricorn. Under the light of this Capricorn Full Moon, the ancestral threads are humming, reminding you that the starry tapestry that you are is intermingled with the swirling threads of others’ lives, and lifetimes. Shamanic Pluto, that mysterious planet of hidden riches, is near this Full Moon. Like a crevice or crack in the side of a desert mountain suddenly revealed when the moonlight falls just so, what hidden treasure or resource is ready to be unearthed in your own psyche or life?

Spiritual teachers tell us that our ancestors enjoy being remembered, just as we will want to be. Beyond this, why bother to remember? Chances are they left you something more than silverware place settings or dusty family photo albums… but you won’t stumble upon these immaterial mementos while cleaning the attic or basement. In order for the ancestral spirits to offer you their spiritual gifts, of connection, of insight into your own life dilemmas, you need to create a home for them to find you.

So amidst all the holiday barbecues and family gatherings, hug an elder, ask them questions, research your lineage or family tree. And look up. Untouchable and distant, full of cool warmth and white as bone, Grandfather Capricorn Moon shines down, reminding us that our lives extend both forward and backwards in time, and that our life, today – the choices we make, our victories and failures, shortcomings, gifts, regrets, our stubborn inner conflicts and the healing we bring to them -may be far bigger than our own.”


Happy Full Moon!  Are you celebrating? If so, how?


Reblog: In Search of the Sacred

Maia Toll is an instructor in my Witch Camp (online courses) and she has written some fantastic blogs.  This one really resonates with me, so I wanted to share it here!  Original post is here.

We contemplated the nunnery
not out of fear, but out of love.
Love of what, we could not say.  But we knew

it had something to do with the way
a flower twisted toward sunlight,
the way storms gather, bruised and swollen.

This, we could call God…..

My search for the sacred started early, in arguments with Hebrew school teachers and long afternoons sitting beneath the willow trees that were planted to keep our backyard from flooding.  College brought philosophy classes and a severe revulsion for the trappings of religion.

I sought a language of the sacred in the built landscape (thus a few years of architecture school), in art (yup, there was a year of art therapy training), in poetry (which I taught to elementary school children in Harlem), and even in the dreaming journeys of shamanism.

Ultimately, I found communion in the green world, amongst the flowers and trees and the stones. I found a peace and joy in the small messages that a butterfly can bring and in the odd rant of the ravens.   And when I did — the questions, the searching and striving, simply fell away.

I have become familiar with the feeling of communion, how it resonates in my heart and quiets my mind. I know the light frisson of joy that electrifies my skin and reminds me that I am alive and a part of a larger dance.

This feeling is a tuning fork by which I measure the vibration of the places and events in my life.

And so… I walked into the Church of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia is not an ancient church.  It was started in 1882 and is still an ongoing project.  There is a sense — not only in the present space, but in the writings of its architect Antonio Gaudi — that this is a project for the generations.  That time and evolution are to play a part in the dance of its creation.


You will have noted up above that I studied architecture.  From merely looking at the photos of his works, I had wondered (as my husband Andrew did!) if Antonio Gaudi had the word “gaudy” coined for his style.*  I had thought Gaudi’s work was fanciful at best, and frivolous at worst.

And then I walked in and looked up.

The columns of Sagrada Familia are designed to feel like trees. They are precisely proportioned and so, despite the overt ornamentation and allegory, I felt deep peace.  I felt awe for the human accomplishment of this vision that spans from generation to generation, enticing artisans from each decade to add their mark and become part of the greater whole.  It was breathtaking…  and soul-stopping.

The church was crowded the day I was there, as was the Old City of Jerusalem as I stood at the Western Wall five days later, contemplating the seekers and the sacred, wondering what makes a place holy.

We had gone to Israel to visit my sister and her family and to attend my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah.  I expected to sit in ignorance as the service went on around me in a language I neither speak nor understand.  Instead, the Rabbi switched back and forth, Hebrew to English.  He talked about the torah reading for that particular day, and how it turned on the concept of holy space.

He asked my nephew “What space is holy for you?”

My nephew told him that his holy place is his summer camp in America.

The rabbi asked “what makes it holy?”

My nephew answered “The people and the friendships and the memories that are created there.”

As the Rabbi closed the service, he offered a blessing to my nephew: the blessing of finding the holy in every place that he visits so that there is no place that is not sacred.

In that moment, my mind wandered back to Barcelona, to a small church courtyard in the winding alleys of the Gothic district.  An ethereal voice floated over the square, singing Silent Night as the sun dipped lower, casting long shadows over the cobblestones.

We were halfway across the plaza as the singing began. I looked back to see that the ephemeral voice emanated from a squat woman in bright orange sweatpants.

I smiled…

… and a frisson of joy ran down my arms.

Your turn:

Have you stumbled upon an unexpected moment of the sacred? Or been somewhere where you expected to feel that deep sense of peace but felt nothing?  Share below!

Need to be able to create sacred space for yourself wherever you are?

Try putting a few drops of essential oil on your palm, rubbing your hands together and sniffing.

Which oils?

This is soooo personal!  Frankincense, Myrrh, Davanna, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, and Sage have all been used in various cultures to connect us with divinity.  But you may find that the scent of Jasmine or Pine hold a particular association that is just right for you.

Follow your nose and use what speaks to you, personally.

* Oh, and Gaudi and gaudy: no relation!

Native American Animal: Woodpecker (Cancer sun sign)

As I have some Native American (Cherokee) in my family tree, I enjoy those traditions.  We are currently in the sun sign of Cancer – (June 22 – July 22).  I only have a couple of friends who are Cancer sun signs…any Cancer readers out there?  Can you speak to if this resonates with you?


Native American animal symbols can encompass just about all the animals, and their symbolic representation to the many tribes of the Americas.

The Cancer sun signs’ Native American Animal is the woodpecker.  Woodpeckers are usually the most nurturing of all the Native American animal symbols. The consummate listener, totally empathic and understanding, the Woodpecker is the one to have on your side when you need support. Of course, they make wonderful parents, and equally wonderful friends and partners. Another proverbial feather in the Woodpeckers cap is the tendency to be naturally frugal, resourceful, and organized. In a nurturing environment the Woodpecker is of course caring, devoted, and very romantic. Left to his/her own devices the Woodpecker can be possessive, angry, jealous, and spiteful.

Going further with the “medicine” (or what they have to teach us) of the woodpecker…

Woodpeckers are extremely opportunistic. Each tree is a door, revealing tender morsels of food (grubs and ants are their favorites). Other trees will yield against their beak-hammering to provide great mansions for their young.

A quick list of woodpecker symbolic meaning include themes such as….

When the woodpecker comes tapping into our awareness, it’s a signal to use our heads. Just as the woodpecker uses its head (beak) to hammer out solutions (food, shelter), we too can use our intellect in finding solutions to our own barriers.

The symbolic meaning of woodpeckers also point to a need for creative vision. Being opportunistic, woodpeckers can see value everywhere, even in dead trees. Have you ditched an idea or given up on a project? The woodpecker may be trying to tell you to breathe new life into your project, just as they build new homes into dead trees.

Further, the symbolic meaning of woodpecker indicates a return to our roots, or having trust in our basic (gut) feelings. Dr. Carl Jung observed the woodpecker as a symbol of a return to the womb of creativity. In this observation the tree is symbolic of a womb; earthy, grounded, sturdy and secure. The woodpecker’s home within the tree is analogous of a fierce determination to return and protect that which is sacred to us.

When this bird comes pecking, it is a call for us to return to our roots, back to the womb of our ideas and use our intellect and discernment to follow through with our plans.

This analogy is doubly profound in the case of red-headed woodpeckers as the color red is associated with the root chakra. Prime, protective energy. Another clear sign for being aware of our core impulses, and our basic beliefs.

The woodpecker may also remind us to be mindful of our words. It has a narrow tongue, extremely effective for picking up food in narrow places. This is symbolic for using a narrow route to get the most profound effect. The woodpecker asks us to use fewer words to make a stronger impact in our statement.

When the woodpecker comes calling, it may be a sign to take some action.
Here are a few suggestions…
Fly back to your roots.

Shelter your wisdom from predatory threat.

Nurture your ideas in the womb of your core passions.

Communicate your ideas in more creative or non-traditional ways.

Stop and consider the opportunities available to you at this time.

Look at projects in unique creative ways to bring new life to a project.

Use your head (intellect) to think up innovative solutions to overcome barriers.

Listen more clearly to subtle energies; there is a message that only your intuition can interpret.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the symbolic meaning of woodpecker…now I will think of completely new things when I hear one in the forest!

What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginner’s Kit?

Hibiscus Moon is a crystal pro, and did a great post on 5 crystals everyone should have – they are as follows, pared down from her post:

1. Clear quartz is a must. It’s so versatile & can be used for ANY purpose.

clear quartz

Clear quartz is a very powerful amplifier! Quartz amplifies any vibrational frequencies, including our own.  Why does quartz work so well with us? Because clear crystal quartz’ chemical formula is SiO2 aka silica. Scientists have determined that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Our cells each have their own EMF (electromagnetic frequency), just as our entire body does, just as Mother Earth does.

Our cells’ EMF is actually maintained by silica! Nobel Prize winner Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without silica. The average human body holds about 7g of silica, way more than other important minerals such as iron. Yeah! I KNOW!!  It’s vital to life.  So needless to say, quartz works with us very well.

2. Citrine, which is also quartz that’s been heated up in Mother Earth’s kitchen (actually starts out as usually amethyst or sometimes smokey quartz) to turn various shades of champagne, yellow & sometimes a very deep iced tea color known as Medeira.


By the way, I don’t feel that your citrine must be a natural one. A tumbled citrine will work just fine.

Citrine’s energy is happy & creative so if you’re feeling down or need to get out of a creative block, reach for this. It gives a great boost to anything to do with finances or prosperity & abundance. Its also great for manifesting with its sunny energy.

3. Rose quartz, also quartz. Scientists still argue on exactly what elements cause the pink color so we won’t get into that. It grows in masses so you will very rarely find it in a natural point.

It’s a really great stone to have around because its energy is very calming, gentle & compassionate – a stone of love, love of all sorts.  Whenever you feel the need to feel loved or you need or want to offer compassion, grab your rose quartz.

rose quartz
4. Green aventurine, again…another type of quartz (are we noticing a theme here?). It also grows in masses so no points at all here. I say “green” aventurine because it does come in other colors, although more rare. Also, the greens can vary from very dark to much lighter.

green aventurine

This is a very important stone to get your hands on because it’s all about vitality…of anything; health, growth, finances, confidence, friends. It’s a common healing stone, so a go-to stone for any ailments.

5. Amethyst, yep, another quartz…with traces of iron & manganese giving it that lovely purple color.They come in natural points large & small, also often found in clusters within large geodes…known as druse.

amethyst point

Amethyst is a great stone of protection & purification. It is also known to enhance intuition & help with the release of addictions.

I have quite a few crystal quartz pieces, and a pendant of rose quartz, but I think I’d like some of the others…on the list!  Do any of you guys use these often?  Like/dislike?

Goddess Oracle: Amaterasu

This week’s Goddess Oracle card: Amaterasu Omi Kami – Beauty.  Fitting for this time of year – anther sun goddess!  Plus, the ritual suggestion is a “bath”, which goes perfectly with the sun’s energy in Cancer right now.  Let’s look at her energy and how we can use it this week, shall we?


Amaterasu Omi Kami is the Shinto Sun Goddess of Japan.  When insulted by her crude brother, Susan-o, the Storm God, she withdrew into a cave and refused to come out.  Distressed by the withdrawal of the sun, Uzume, the Shaman-Goddess, did a comical bawdy dance to entertain the Gods and Goddesses and to provoke Amaterasu’s curiosity.  When Amaterasu opened her door to peek, she was dazzled by her own beauty, reflected to her in a mirror the Gods and Goddesses had installed, and came out.

Meaning of the Card:
Amaterasu is here to tell you to bask in the radiance of your own beauty.  Do you know your unique beauty or do you feel you can’t be beautiful because you don’t look like a model or movie star?  Are you in your crone years and feel that age is ugly?  Perhaps you are afraid to express your beauty, afraid that you will attract unwanted energies.  Amaterasu says that all women possess the light of the Feminine and that light is beauty.  She advises you to let go of your preconceptions about what beauty is and allow your beauty to be.  Wholeness is nurtured when we celebrate all our aspects and being female means that we are beautiful.

Ritual Suggestion: Beauty Bath
All you need for this ritual is a mirror and the willingness to see your beauty.

Find a time and place when and where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie comfortably with your spine straight.  You may remove your clothes or do the ritual with your clothes on, which feels appropriate for you.  When you feel ready, take a deep breath and release it, letting everything go.  Take four more deep breaths, focusing on the rhythm of your breathing.  If at any time during this ritual you feel uncomfortable, just take a deep breath, experience the feelings while continuing to breathe deeply, then slow down and continue at your own pace.

When you feel relaxed and ready, pick up the mirror.  Look at your face.  Just look.  If judgements or criticisms come up, acknowledge them, and let them go.  Focus on the uniqueness that is you, reflected in your face.  Look at your face and allow yourself to feel compassion, tenderness, acceptance, and love.

Next, look at your eyes.  Say to yourself: “My eyes are beautiful.” Look at your nose and tell yourself: “My nose is beautiful.”  Then your forehead, cheeks, mouth/lips, teeth, ears, skin, bone structure.  When you are finished enjoying the beauty of your face, go on to the rest of your body.  When you have acknowledged your entire body, take a deep breath and look in the mirror.  Tell yourself: “I am beautiful.”  Say it over and over.  Allow yourself to bathe in your appreciation of your own beauty, till you feel a tingle of appreciation and delight.  Continue for as long as you wish, till you are filled with your beauty.

When you feel ready, take a deep breath and exhale to the sound of “ahhhh”.  Take another deep breath and bring your attention back to this time and place.  Welcome back!

6 Feng Shui Tips To Invite Great Energy Into Your Home

Great post from MindBodyGreen here!


“Imagine hosting a marvelous party in your home. Sparkly lights are strung, and colorful bouquets line the tables. Music is playing, candles are flickering, and delicious food is party platter ready.

As you await the arrival of your guests, you realize invitations were never sent. After all that preparation, how likely is it anyone will show up?

In feng shui, the front door is that detail. What happens inside the home matters very much, but without consideration and care of the front door, our intentions are suddenly diminished.

The front door is where we entice auspicious energy into our homes. And to be clear: this is the architecturally-intended front door of a house. Energy goes where the eye does, so it’s worth making the entrance entrancing.

When an entryway is beautiful and benevolent, we invite possibilities and opportunities into our homes. And with that kind of energy flowing through our space, it has a mighty impressive ripple effect in our lives.

Give the front door dedicated attention, and you create a sweet spot for generously auspicious energy to gather on your behalf. Here are a few simple suggestions to get the good vibes flowing your way:

1. Make the space outside the door as appealing as possible.

Replace any burned out lights with brighter wattage. Wipe down the front door and its hardware. Buy a new doormat, or shake out the one you currently use. Strive to keep this space clean and approachable. And if you can do nothing else, sweep. It’s a simple ritual that maintains pleasing space and calls forth marvelous energy.

2. Infuse the front path or porch with color and fragrance.

Pathways are analogous to opportunities finding their way to us. Healthy plants and bright flowers elevate beauty and suggest good health. Maintain both, and it’s a magnetic invitation to whatever you desire in your life.

3. Hang a wind chime outside the front door.

When the wind rustles, the pirouetting rods harness invisible and wildly good energy for you. And as the wind chime sings, it draws attention to the space, inviting more opportunities into your life.

4. Maintain a visible address.

Refresh it, if necessary: a quick polish to the numbers or a few new screws to firmly hold them in place, a fresh coat of paint to update a faded curb address, or a well-posted name in an apartment building will ensure energy knows exactly where to find you.

5. Use the front door daily.

Most of us enter our homes through a secondary door. However, feng shui holds that the really potent, boundless energy available prefers the front door, if invited. Make it a routine to open the door at least once a day. When we do, we intrigue bounty and abundance into our lives.

6. Keep the front door clutter-free.

The wider a door opens, the more open we become to unlimited resources and opportunities. If there is unnecessary clutter afoot, find a home for it. Designate a basket for shoes and sports equipment, place a tray nearby for keys and mail, and install hooks to hang anything else that might otherwise linger on the floor.

When the front door is left neglected, it suggests resources — time, money, and energy — are in short supply. And that feeling deposits undesirable vibes outside our home. An intentionally inviting door, however, tells the story that safety, comfort, and beauty reside just beyond its threshold.

Opportunity passes our front doors every day. If she likes what she sees, she brings her gorgeous energy to the doorstep. Feng shui has long observed that the front door represents our relationship with the world. When it’s captivating and positive, that is the kind of energy that shows up and channels throughout the rest of our home.

Let your creative juices loose here. Whether you add thriving plants, mega-watt lights, or something else delightfully irresistible, it all beckons the good life to find its way to your front door!”

I need to change some bulbs on our porch, add a plant or two, and a chime – I have those in my back yard, but not the front!

Star Stuff: Sun in Cancer

On the summer solstice (June 21st), the sun moved from Gemini into protective, sensitive Cancer, where it will journey to July 22nd.  During this time, we look for quality and safety in what we create and surround ourselves with.  Interest may shift from the universal to more personal themes – we are emotionally sensitive, and family/home are a focus during this month.


“With sun in Cancer, there is an emphasis on family values and on memory; the traditions of the past.  Even though nature beckons, we are family rather an individually oriented at this time.  The ritual of summer barbecue brings everyone together.  There is softness and a nurturing quality to our approach now that cements the ties of kinship and of individual security within the family circle.”

Cancer sun provides a prime time for hanging out and connecting with family and friends over Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, or during summer vacation. It’s time to refuel and rejuvenate with this water sign before the intensity of the harvest cycle gets into full swing.

Tune into places in your life and business where you can create more comfort. Nurture yourself, your projects, your business, and those around you. Create an emotional safe space for what is tender, young, and growing in your life.

Apply liberal doses of love to every creation you are magnetizing into your life. Pouring love into your creation mix means also filling yourself with the pure sweet essence of water’s primary power. Only when your inner water is fully nourished by love and appreciation can you magnetize your dreams from the most grace filled place. This window is the perfect opportunity to fill yourself to overflowing.

While you are at it, reflect on your creations and see if they need any other element for an abundant ripening. As you align your dreams and desires with the unified field of all the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, with Spirit flowing through all) sometimes an element needs to be strengthened. Perhaps an aspect of your mental beliefs or your old emotional program needs to be cleared for your creations to flourish. Just like growing a garden in your yard, sometimes rocks and roots need to be removed, or fertilizer, water, or more sun need to be added so that your flowers and veggies may thrive.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Cancer Sun:

  • Bathe yourself in love.
  • Go play in the ocean, lake, river, pool, or tub.
  • Nurture yourself with the intent of rejuvenation.
  • Treat yourself to a two-hour massage or your favorite love-your-body treat.
  • Honor Water and give thanks for its nourishment.
  • Spend time relaxing with your family and friends.
  • Love and appreciate the people in your life.

How will you be honoring and using this protective, sensitive energy this month?

My Etsy shop is open!

Great handmade jewelry on this Etsy shop, run by a friend of mine!

Blackbirds At Night

I’ve finally opened my Etsy shop, Of Shadow, Flame, and Thunder.  It’s a devotional thing for my Beloveds: Loki, Fenrir, and Thor.  I will also feature items for other Gods and Goddesses and pantheons, and I’ll create a listing for custom work soon.  I only have a few items listed right now, but there will be more to come.  I’m also going to be making items other than jewelry like sachets and aromatherapy goodies.

I have a coupon for my readers that you can use at checkout: WPSENTME.  It’s good for 15% off of a $20 or more purchase.  It expires on the Blue Moon, July 31st.  So, go on and have a peek!  🙂

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Summer Solstice/Litha

This comes a little late, but I wanted to post some information about the solstice, suggestions for ritual, etc.  Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, and traditions in the comments!


Solstice means “Sun Standstill” and Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, brings us the longest day of the year. Find time to bask in the bright abundant light summer brings and enjoy the harvest as things begin to ripen around you. This is a wonderful day to consciously witness the sunrise and appreciate the blessings the solar light and fuel bring into your life.

In your creations, Summer Solstice brings the opportunity to evaluate your progress and add needed ingredients for a successful harvest. If you’ve been working with the timings since last Winter Solstice and tracking your creations, look back to see how far you’ve come since then. Make honoring your progress and celebrating your successes part of your Summer Solstice celebration.

As you honor the Wheel of the Year and work with it year after year, you deepen your appreciation for each phase within its cycles. Since summer is a time of heat and light, this window gives us the opportunity to enjoy the luscious taste of ripe fruit, splash in cooling waters, relax in the shade, and spend a lot of time with family and friends—all perfect expressions of the family-loving, nurturing sign of Cancer.

With Summer Solstice comes the ever-so-subtle shift of the days growing shorter. While it will be barely noticeable for a few months, the light gently begins its slow decreasing from this point through to Winter Solstice when it begins growing again.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. 

Action Suggestions for Summer Solstice:

  • Honor the abundant Earth mother.
  • Create a ceremony theme around fulfillment and manifestation.
  • Feel and express your passion and vibrancy for life.
  • Work with abundance and dance to fully activate and allow the energy of abundance to flow through your body.
  • Work with the hot summer solar fire as an element of transformation.
  • Work with and honor herbs and the green growing season.

Purifying Fire Ritual:
The midsummer bonfires were a communal event and each of a village’s family members were required to contribute firewood, straw, and twigs to the fires. Once a bonfire was extinguished, villages would remove embers or ash and place them in the earth near their homes.

Each person needs:
A bundle of twigs
Cinnamon essential oil

Fire has a purifying quality. In ancient medical practices, doctors would use fire to cleanse and seal wounds. Fire purifies because it exhausts a source of fuel completely and cleanly. When something is burned completely, thoroughly, it is gone – cleansed from existence.  In this practice, we will cleanse our spirits of unwanted energies, toxic forces, and in the process, can unburden our lives of wasted energy. Gather your bundle of twigs, and anoint it with oil. Close your eyes, and sense where in your body you are holding any dark, hot, or heavy energies.  You do not need to name the energies, just sense where they are.  Imagine those energies funneling out of your body and into the anointed twigs in your hands – flowing from your palms into this small vessel provided by mother earth.  When you are done, place the bundle in the fire.  Light and burn!

Sun Sharing Ritual:
Everyone grounds and centers.
Feel the rays of the sun on your face, welcoming its power into you.

Today, we are celebrating the power and energy of the sun. Tomorrow marks the longest day of the year; from Yule to now, the sun has been moving ever closer to the earth. Summer has truly fully arrived, full of light, warmth, and abundance.

(Light sun candle in center)

Symbolically, the goddess is pregnant with the child of her consort, the Sun god, and so we celebrate life, motherhood, and the love of family. Flowers are blooming, crops are growing, and life is in full force.  So, today, we honor the gods and goddesses of the sun, those archetypes of the sun energy that we can all look to for inspiration.

We hail Ra, whose mighty chariot brings us light each morning.
We hail Apollo, who brings us the healing energies of the sun.
We hail Helios, whose great steeds race the flames across the sky.
We hail Hestia, whose sacred flame lights our way in the darkness.
We hail Sunna, who is sister of the moon, and bringer of light.
We hail Corn Mother, who brings us nourishment and self care.
We hail Eki, who protects us all from dark energies.

We accept the gifts all of these beings bring to our lives.  We can draw upon their strength, their energy, their healing light and life giving power.

The sun is the ultimate source of fire and light. Like all sources of light, the sun shines brightly and spreads around the world. Even as it gives its light and power to each of us and the entire planet, it is never diminished by the sharing of that energy. The sun passes over us each day, in a never-ending circle of light. So, today, we happily share that light and warmth with each other, passing it around our circle.

May you be warmed and rejuvenated by the light of the sun!

Even as we share this bit of sun energy with each other, we know the sun radiates out, never fading.  The light and warmth of today will stay within each of us, even as the days now grow shorter and the nights grow cooler once more, and the wheel of the year continues turning.

Other great ritual ideas here.

Summer solstice insight meditation here.