Goddess Oracle: Aphrodite

After our spring chalice circle gathering, I decided that I really like the Goddess Oracle cards a friend had – the fact that the book gives you some rituals to really delve into the energy of any goddess is worth the $20!

I pulled my first card today: Aphrodite (Love) – so let’s explore how we can work with her energy in the week to come, shall we?  Can’t we all use a little more love in our lives? Read on for a journal prompt and ritual suggestion!


From the Goddess Oracle:
Aphrodite, ancient Mediterranean Mother Goddess, traveled to Greece when the Greeks colonized Canaan. The Greeks say she was born of the union of the sky and the fertile sea womb, when the castrated penis of the former Sky God Uranus fell into the ocean. (Fun image, right?) Although traditionally revered in all her multitudinous aspects, including battle, the Greeks, in their effort to assimilate her, relegated her to a love Goddess. When she arrived at Olympus, Zeus (the chief god) married her to Hephaestus, the lame God of smithcraft. He made her exquisite jewelry, but she preferred the passionate Ares, God of war, in her bed.

Meaning of the Card
Aphrodite is here with her dance of love, inviting you to luxuriate, bask, and revel in love for yourself. Do you spend the day without thinking or saying how much you love yourself? Do you do little loving things for yourself? Or are you miserly, keeping yourself on a diet of starvation rations? Do you listen to your needs in a loving, respectful way, or do you criticize yourself for balking at the schedule you keep, for complaining about the job you hate, for bemoaning the relationship you endure? Now is the time to love yourself. Aphrodite says that to be able to love another, you must be able to love yourself. Loving others means being able to allow them to be exactly as they are. It means witnessing yourself and your loved ones with love, amusement, and delight. The amount of space we can allow another is dependent on the amount of space we can allow for ourselves. Wholeness is achieved when we can hold infinite space and patience for ourselves first and then extend it to others.

Ritual Suggestion: Holding Space
This can be done anytime, anywhere, for as long as you feel is appropriate.
Take a deep breath, and release it.
Take another deep breath and as you release it, feel, sense, or see a circle of space around you.  It can be any amount of space that you need.
Now fill that space with love in any form that pleases, delights, tickles, or makes you feel good.
Once the circle is filled, put yourself in the center of the circle, in the middle of all that love, and take it into your cells, into the marrow of your bones. Take it in, whether or not you feel you deserve it.  Take it in, regardless of how you feel about yourself.
See, sense, or feel yourself filling with love for you.
As you are holding the space, look into your own eyes and heart, and say “I love you.”
Keep repeating it over and over until you feel your love for yourself dancing in your heart.
Feel the love circulate through your body.
Now take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and open your eyes.  Welcome back!

If you’re brave enough to do the ritual, comment and let me know how it makes you feel.  Love for ourselves is definitely something most of us need to work on, including myself.

Journal Prompt: How can I express more love to my self on a day to day basis?


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