New Moon in Gemini: June 16

It’s new moon time – in Gemini.
Time to flow with this energy…


Time to connect and share with others!  This is a busy energy, focused on communicating and learning, and this is a time to review and renew our thought structures and patterns.  Stay in motion.  Review your mental habits. Remember – the more we think a particular thought, the “deeper” those pathways become in our minds.  All thoughts create vibrations that affect yourself and others!

Mercury is direct again (whew!), helping us implement things we’ve noticed we need to take on over the last few weeks.  Keep stretching, growing, and making the necessary adjustments to your patterns of thought and communication.

Mars aligns with this new moon in Gemini – we are ready for a new outward expression of our inner warrior! Imagine that your masculine energy has matured into a spiritual warrior, focused on the inner journey, dedicated to victory over fear and illusions. (And, if you haven’t, read “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”)

Chiron’s energy is exalted right now with its station – time to actively heal wounds from the past. Realize that we have to deal with issues from an open heart and a place of love, not anger, to serve ourselves and the world.  We must be willing to allow and to make mistakes.  As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.  We are all whole, perfect, and complete.

Saturn has re-entered Scorpio – more on that here, in my previous post.

This new moon is trine north node in Libra, bringing a lovely flow to social interactions that help us feel supported and heard.

The upcoming two weeks are a time to go beyond past limits and experiment with new ways of thinking, improving our mental/communicative habits and processes.  How DO you interact with your mind?  Does it rule you?  Do you rule it, using it as a tool?

The BEST time to set your new moon intentions when the moon comes back into course – so, between 6:50 PM Tuesday evening and 10:00 AM Wednesday morning!

Happy new moon, everyone!

If you’re into more detailed astrological talks about the new moon, here are some to check out:
Divine Harmony

The Power Path



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