Star Stuff: Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn (“the great teacher”) has just moved into passionate, all-or-nothing, deep-feeling Scorpio, where it will stay until mid-September.  How might we feel and use this energy?


This three-month period brings us changes to release all that is toxic in our lives, heal old wounds, and master our fears.  What drains and disempowers you?  What fears and unconscious patterns still have a grip on you?  Who could you become if you released it all?

We are asked to be emotionally authentic, to connect to the power of love within.  We can transform the stale and toxic by bringing this love and conscious awareness to it. Embracing and owning our projections and fears about power is part of this. This can be a journey into our unconscious, and can be richly rewarding.

It serves us well now to clarify healthy boundaries, and to gain more clarity about our shadow selves. The more we identify with something, the more we may tend to project its opposite onto others. Who or what do you idolize? Demonize? Where do the same patterns or struggles with authority show up over and over again for you?  What are you unwilling to embrace about yourself?  This isn’t about going to the other extreme, but about finding the healthy, balanced expression of any energy.

In short, it’s time to dig deep, and possibly get your spiritual and emotional “hands” dirty, which can be daunting, but really rewarding if we’re brave enough to tackle it.


3 thoughts on “Star Stuff: Saturn in Scorpio

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