Things that Sparkle (literally): new Alex & Ani pieces

For my recent birthday (big 32!), I ordered a few things from Alex and Ani.  If you’re not familiar, check them:

“We create meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to empower the light in you. We share a passion for the well-being of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths.  ALEX AND ANI products are infused with positive energy. Ancients referred to this precious energy as “chi” and “prana,” whereas modern science refers to it as vital force. It is the natural energy that supports life.

We embrace the power of positive energy as our core company belief. Each product is infused with positive energy in three important ways. First, the products themselves are manufactured (and infused) with positive intention in carefully selected American factories. Second, the symbols featured in our designs carry their own energy and are accompanied by thoughtfully crafted and meticulously researched meaning. Last, each design is positively intended to empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual. Some pieces carry sentimental meaning; others are talismans of protection, power, or intention. The beauty of each collection is that you are the designer. Mixing symbolic pieces with your own alchemy makes ALEX AND ANI completely and uniquely yours.”

Jewelry with meaning and energy!  Love it.

So, I collected these gems, as they felt right:

OM earrings & bangle


This cool Mayan-design piece, in bracelet form…


These crown chakra energy earrings…


Fun, right?  I love everyday items that I know have meaning, even if just to myself – but these being designed with these energies in mind makes me even happier!  Wearing some for Litha this weekend…


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