How Swamp Does It: Clarifying a Card

Silent Seance

So, you did a reading that’s scary accurate until you get to this asshole of a card. It ruins everything. The flow is gone, it’s like this big lump under the cohesive rug and it’s just totally confusing and unnecessary. You sit there staring in disbelief at this monstrosity your deck has spit out at you. This is it. This is the end. All the progress you made means nothing because this asshole took it all away.

[[Warning, this got a tiny bit longer than planned!]]

Sit back for a bit. Cry if you must. Set them on fire if absolutely necessary. Count to ten. Cry some more and get ready to be amazed….

Clarifiers are one of those things you’ve probably heard mentioned but didn’t pay much attention to. Now is the time. Pull up your carpet square and get situated.

A clarifier/clarifying card is an additional card drawn…

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