What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginner’s Kit?

Hibiscus Moon is a crystal pro, and did a great post on 5 crystals everyone should have – they are as follows, pared down from her post:

1. Clear quartz is a must. It’s so versatile & can be used for ANY purpose.

clear quartz

Clear quartz is a very powerful amplifier! Quartz amplifies any vibrational frequencies, including our own.  Why does quartz work so well with us? Because clear crystal quartz’ chemical formula is SiO2 aka silica. Scientists have determined that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Our cells each have their own EMF (electromagnetic frequency), just as our entire body does, just as Mother Earth does.

Our cells’ EMF is actually maintained by silica! Nobel Prize winner Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without silica. The average human body holds about 7g of silica, way more than other important minerals such as iron. Yeah! I KNOW!!  It’s vital to life.  So needless to say, quartz works with us very well.

2. Citrine, which is also quartz that’s been heated up in Mother Earth’s kitchen (actually starts out as usually amethyst or sometimes smokey quartz) to turn various shades of champagne, yellow & sometimes a very deep iced tea color known as Medeira.


By the way, I don’t feel that your citrine must be a natural one. A tumbled citrine will work just fine.

Citrine’s energy is happy & creative so if you’re feeling down or need to get out of a creative block, reach for this. It gives a great boost to anything to do with finances or prosperity & abundance. Its also great for manifesting with its sunny energy.

3. Rose quartz, also quartz. Scientists still argue on exactly what elements cause the pink color so we won’t get into that. It grows in masses so you will very rarely find it in a natural point.

It’s a really great stone to have around because its energy is very calming, gentle & compassionate – a stone of love, love of all sorts.  Whenever you feel the need to feel loved or you need or want to offer compassion, grab your rose quartz.

rose quartz
4. Green aventurine, again…another type of quartz (are we noticing a theme here?). It also grows in masses so no points at all here. I say “green” aventurine because it does come in other colors, although more rare. Also, the greens can vary from very dark to much lighter.

green aventurine

This is a very important stone to get your hands on because it’s all about vitality…of anything; health, growth, finances, confidence, friends. It’s a common healing stone, so a go-to stone for any ailments.

5. Amethyst, yep, another quartz…with traces of iron & manganese giving it that lovely purple color.They come in natural points large & small, also often found in clusters within large geodes…known as druse.

amethyst point

Amethyst is a great stone of protection & purification. It is also known to enhance intuition & help with the release of addictions.

I have quite a few crystal quartz pieces, and a pendant of rose quartz, but I think I’d like some of the others…on the list!  Do any of you guys use these often?  Like/dislike?


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