Full Moon in Capricorn: July 1

The Blessing Moon, or Meadow Moon

Nightly praying

Colors: green, silver, blue-gray
Gemstones: moonstone, white agate, opals, pearls
Trees: ash, oak
Deities: Juno, Cerridwen, Venus, Athena
Herbs: mugwort, hyssop, lemon balm
Element: water

Good time for: divination and dream work

Wednesday evening at 10:30 PM, the moon becomes full in practical, accomplishment-oriented Capricorn, opposing the sun in protective, feeling-oriented Cancer.  What does this mean for us? How can we use these energies well, and flow with them?

For the next two weeks, we are looking for balance between our inner experience (Cancer) and our outer obligations or goals (Capricorn).  It’s important to realize that our long-term goals need our attention – and that they will bring fulfillment and inner stability.

Cancer and Capricorn are both receptive/feminine/yin energies, so we are clearly asked to go within before taking action.  With Cancer’s energy, we must recognize our own needs in order to feel internally stable; if we don’t manage this, we’ll give our power away to others, become victims, sacrifice ourselves for family and/or job.  With Capricorn energy, we must develop an internalized sense of authority and responsibility.  This full moon asks us to look closely at the balance between taking care of ourselves, versus taking care of others — where we have reached our limit and where we need to set some priorities.  Allow yourself to be passionate and assertive, without being destructive and obsessive – this is an opportunity to re-balance the masculine and feminine within ourselves and the world.

Venus aligns with Jupiter in Leo during this full moon, expanding the flow of generosity, joy, playfulness and our ability to connect to our inner child and children in general.

The message this full moon is connected to our internal masculine/feminie balance: we need to be happy and whole.  When these are balanced, we can be both powerful and kind, we honor ourselves and others and know how to access both our head and our heart.

It’s Cancer Sun season, a time of reconnecting to soul, family, past. In so doing we receive a mirror our deepest selves. Our mysterious patterns and vexing conditioning we often trace to our childhood or parents; our anger issues, our parents’ rocky marriage…but go back even further and you may find a relation from another century living an aspect of your life. Patricia Walsh, in her fascinating article Pluto in Capricorn and Ancestral Spirits, says, “You are not an island, and you stand at the end of a very long lineage, that still lives within and around you through the spirits of your ancestors.”The Moon is Full in Capricorn. Under the light of this Capricorn Full Moon, the ancestral threads are humming, reminding you that the starry tapestry that you are is intermingled with the swirling threads of others’ lives, and lifetimes. Shamanic Pluto, that mysterious planet of hidden riches, is near this Full Moon. Like a crevice or crack in the side of a desert mountain suddenly revealed when the moonlight falls just so, what hidden treasure or resource is ready to be unearthed in your own psyche or life?

Spiritual teachers tell us that our ancestors enjoy being remembered, just as we will want to be. Beyond this, why bother to remember? Chances are they left you something more than silverware place settings or dusty family photo albums… but you won’t stumble upon these immaterial mementos while cleaning the attic or basement. In order for the ancestral spirits to offer you their spiritual gifts, of connection, of insight into your own life dilemmas, you need to create a home for them to find you.

So amidst all the holiday barbecues and family gatherings, hug an elder, ask them questions, research your lineage or family tree. And look up. Untouchable and distant, full of cool warmth and white as bone, Grandfather Capricorn Moon shines down, reminding us that our lives extend both forward and backwards in time, and that our life, today – the choices we make, our victories and failures, shortcomings, gifts, regrets, our stubborn inner conflicts and the healing we bring to them -may be far bigger than our own.”


Happy Full Moon!  Are you celebrating? If so, how?


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