New bracelets in my shop!

Great items!

Blackbirds At Night


Happiness is the Key is my newest creation.

Happiness is the key, and it resides within you. This bracelet reminds you that you hold the key to your own joy and fulfillment. Featuring snowflake obsidian, ruby zoisite, and hematite, the silver filigree beads accent the silver key charm. It measures at 7 inches on stretchy Beadalon cord.

Snowflake obsidian is a powerful stone associated with clear and logical thinking. It is also believed to be keep others from taking advantage of you when you wear or carry it. It can help reveal what needs to be changed in your life so you can move forward successfully. Snowflake obsidian encourages inner reflection, helps to shield you from negativity and grief, and can assist in balancing your mind and body.

Ruby zoisite is a stone of awakening, assisting in rousing your intuition. It stimulates the root chakra, infusing you with vitality and…

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