Goddess Oracle: Pachamama (Healing, Wholing, Holy)

This week’s Goddess Oracle card: Pachamama – Healing, Wholing, Holy.  How can we look at, learn from, and work with her energy this week?


To the Pre-Incan peoples of Peru and Bolivia, Pachamama (or Mamapacha) is the Earth, worshiped and revered in her many forms: the tilled fields, her mountains seen as breasts, the flowing rivers as her milk. To ensure good harvests, corn meal is sprinkled at planting and rituals celebrating her are performed.  When the people fail to honor her, this dragon goddess sends earthquakes as a reminder.

Meaning of the Card:
Pachamama waits for you with open arms.  It is time to open to Pachamama’s embrace.  Now is the time to heal, whole, and remember your holiness, remember yourself as a sacred being.  Do you feel a connection with the Earth Mother as a living entity, or do you consider the earth an inert rock beneath your feet?  Are you in the middle of some emotional pain that nothing seems to ease?  Do you eat food and drink water without giving thanks to the earth?  Are you looking for answers to questions?  Do you spend time in nature opening to the earth and her vital energies?  Opening to Pachamama can occur any place. You can commune with her in a city park, your own backyard, some remote forest, jungle, or desert.  Pachamama says that healing/wholing is nurtured when you open to her.

Ritual Suggestion: Opening to Pachamama
If you can go out into nature and find a place where you feel safe, do so.  Sit, stand, or lie comfortably on Pachamama with your spine straight.  If this is not possible, find a time and place indoors where you will not be disturbed.
Take a deep breath and inhale Pachamama’s fragrance.  Do you smell her leaves, plants, or flowers?
Take another deep breath and, as you release it, open to Pachamama.
Let her surround you with her smells, her sensations.
Let yourself feel enveloped by her in a loving, nurturing way.
Pachamama is mother to all the creatures that walk on her and inhabit her.
Let her healing ways comfort you, let her reweave any rips in the fabric of your being.
You may see or sense her standing in front of you, sitting next to you, or holding you in her arms.
Be with Pachamama in whatever way is appropriate for you.
Allow yourself to stay open until you feel filled, satiated by her.
With an open heart, give her whatever she asks you for with gratitude.
Take a deep breath and release it slowly.  When you are ready, open your eyes.
Know that you and Pachamama are connected.  Welcome back.

I think a little outside time is calling to me this weekend…how about you guys?


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