How to make love to a Gemini goddess.

This makes my Gemini heart happy.



We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Seduce her.

She is verbal. Talk to her.  She thrives on communication. Tell her how you feel, what you see, what you remember, how you felt when… and mean it.

She is fickle but not disloyal; respect that.

She is a complex and curious cat that can sometimes be cloudy and complicated and other times terrifically simple. She is multifaceted—strong and tender, smart and naive, creative and sensitive.

She is an extrovert—the dazzling dinner party hostess or dashing guest, sometimes. She is also an introvert—curled up on the couch with dog-eared paperbacks, and eight tabs open on her laptop and in pajamas all day, sometimes. Roll with it.

When you’re with her, be with her. Turn off distractions. Turn your attention to her, and you’ll turn her on like a lamp.

Whether eating, talking, hiking, driving or lovemaking, be there with your whole self. Let go of everything else. Be a whole to match her wholeness.

She doesn’t need you, she wants you. So show up. Be yourself. Your humility, humor and confidence will win her over, every day. Except when it doesn’t. She can be mighty feisty and unpredictable.

Give her her space, and take time to cultivate your own passions and friendships. Independence is sexy.

This Gemini goddess is sensual, soulful and sensitive. She listens to the melodies of sentences, tastes the dewdrops of the moment, stares at the sunset and moonrise with fresh gratitude. She touches your forearm ever so lightly.

She caresses your skin in a way that seems mindless, but she’s actually acutely aware of every micro movement of her fingers and yours.

Go slow. Savor the hugs and kisses. Give her a massage made delicious with devotion, not duty.

Go fast, faster. Under the stars, on the coffee table, in the parked car. Be surprising. Spontaneity is spicy, and she loves picante. Plans are nice and all but sometimes, overrated.

Cook for your Gemini and be fed by her. The way to her heart is through her mind. Expand your vocabulary. Visit exotic places. Be willing to travel. Be open to adventure at home and abroad.

Be voracious. Love her truly and deeply. Write it, sing it, say it, show it.

This goddess is with it and worth it.


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