Star Stuff: Mercury in Leo


Like the sun, Mercury is also moving through Leo right now, until August 8th.  What does this mean for us?

When communicating (speaking, writing, etc.), we are very expressive, even dramatic – more confident, convincing, persuasive.  Mind and heart connect.  We feel generous and expressive.  Everyone’s style of communication becomes more flamboyant.  Word are used with extra finesse and there could be great interest in impressing others by using mental energy.  Ideas may become rigid; however there is more animation as they’re shared.

“Mercury’s entry into the sign Leo puts a greater than usual emphasis on the need to speak from one’s heart as Leo is the home sign of the Sun. Ideally, this suggests that we are now in a period when direct communication is highly likely. Fiery Leo is less interested in analysis and filtered communication than in direct, pure, self-expression. Expect, then, that enthusiasm may carry the conversational day over objective reason and logic.

Mercury in Leo also touches on language as a form of entertainment. Leo loves the show, and now has the Messenger planet ready to do its bidding. We can expect more colorful speech with its focus on impact exceeding its interest in facts. Enjoy the images the mind will conjure now, but try not to be taken in by your own (or anyone else’s) hype. It’s amazing how seriously we can take ourselves, even when the goal is play. A little extra time to filter through the noise, and a little bit of detachment from the ego, can make this period one that is both joyful and productive.”

Are you guys and gals feeling this Leo energy?  I have quite a bit of Leo in my chart, so it’s sort of there all the time for me! 🙂


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