Star Stuff: Sun in Leo


Last week (July 22nd, to be exact), the Sun moved into fun-loving, expressive Leo, where it will journey until August 23rd.  During this time, we are inclined to connect to the heart and follow our joy – the world is feeling more creative, fun and romantic while the loving lion rules!  This is a great time for gratitude, compliments, and playfulness.  Let your inner child live more fully!

While the Sun is in Leo, creative pursuits are emphasized.  For everyone now, in the height of summer, children and romance are emphasized, along with your own artistic self-expression.  We tend toward greater drama now than during the colder and more subdued seasons, and you might be inclined to strike out on an individual path in some areas of life.

As we emerge from the sweet, sentimental days of Sun in Cancer, we’ll feel a burst of new energy and more desire to go out on the town and socialize. While Cancer loves to snuggle up at home where it’s safe, bold Leo wants to get out there and grab lots of attention.

Celebrate by making the most of life during Sun in Leo!

What to do: Reach for the stars! Now’s the time to go after what you want — whether it’s a relationship, a job or a new project or adventure. Leo is strong, outgoing and ambitious, so you’re sure to succeed when there’s such determined energy in the air.

What to say: Everything! Bold Leo is an expressive sign that doesn’t hold anything back. Whatever you want to declare — be it love or war — now ‘s the time for all manner of creative, loving and fearless expression.

Where to go: The theater, but don’t just watch the show — get up on that stage and the center, because Leo loves the limelight. You’ll also have a great time at the park or just the neighborhood pub, as Leo loves to play games and flirt.

What to wear: Something glamorous and sexy, of course. Leo dresses to get noticed, so put on your finest. We’re talking lots of bright colors like red and hot pink, and be as daring as you like — nothing is too short or too low-cut for Leo.

What to watch out for: Leo is sexy and self-assured, which can sometimes come across as vanity or arrogance. Be careful of being too pushy or aggressive during this time. Also, it’s good to speak fearlessly from the heart, but be careful of others’ feelings. Leo loves to purr, but this cat can also bite.

What to look forward to: Expect lots of love and affection and attention from the cuddly Lion. This adds up to a great time when you’re out and about, and if you’re lucky enough to have someone you love at home you’ll be playfully pawing each other non-stop.

Happy summer, and let’s love that Leo energy this month!


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