Star Stuff: Venus Retrograde


From Holes to Heaven:
“When Venus goes retrograde, she does so for 40 days and 40 nights.  If Jesus or Moses or some other historically mythic figure just popped into your mind, it is no coincidence; Many of the stories of antiquity are derived from the Venus cycle.  Pyramids were build to her.  The Mayans constructed precise calendars around her synodic cycle.  It’s everywhere we look, but most importantly—at least for this post—is to understand the implications of this particular part of her cycle.

Once Venus goes retrograde, one of the outstanding characteristics of the beginning of the 40 days is past lovers or friends we deeply love/or loved coming back into our lives.  With email, facebook, and texting, this is easier than ever before.  I feel the reason for these visitations mainly have to do with two themes: 1. Closure (if you believe in such a thing); 2. Seeing how far we have come.  It’s amazing sometimes, isn’t it? When you run into that old fling, and you think to yourself, “What the fuck was I thinking?” But then, hopefully, you can be easy on yourself, and realize you were a different animal back then.   Forgiveness is always crucial.

In essence, the retrograde begins with deep reflection and a reevaluation of what it is that we value most, love enough to protect, and then coming clear about knowing we need it.  These are Venus themes and they are essential to our happiness.

There are limitless reasons why I find Venus so intriguing and beautiful to work with, but one that stands out amongst all others is the 5 pointed star she paints in the sky, every 8 years.   You can measure it from the station or the conjunction, either way, if you jot down these degrees around a Zodiac wheel and connect the dots, you will be drawing the 5 pointed star.  Without getting into all the esoteric meanings of 5 or pentacles or anything else magical, let us simply be practical existential detectives for a moment, and think back….to the same time….back in the Summer of 2007!

Venus cycle and the 5 pointed star pattern she creates every 8 years.

Late July through September of 2007, Venus was retrograde in essentially the same place in the sky.  What this means is that lots of the themes of that time in your life are emerging again.  People from that chapter, values reemerging, helping you remember what is most important, dietary story lines, even similar money issues—all Venus’ domain (also, knowing what House this occurs in is vital to cracking the code even more).  And so we get to learn from the past whilst opening fully to the present.  That time is a teacher for us.  What did we learn? What are we learning now?”

From Sage Goddess:
“Venus retrogrades July 25 and won’t go direct until September 6. What does that mean for you? A lot.

Venus rules all matters of love and beauty, and more than beauty – the aesthetic. The ‘look and feel’ of life. Just like Mercury retro can mean communication mishaps are inevitable, so too can Venus retro mean that love and beauty mishaps are ahead.Anything related to love and aesthetics in your life is bound to slow down and become either difficult or deeply reflective over the next few months.

I expect Venus retro in Leo will mean dramatic reflection and contemplation about the past for you in matters of love and beauty. Who you used to love, how you used to look, and a deep longing to go back and heal issues of love and appearance from your past. This is an excellent time to let go of old habits, old ways of seeing yourself and (once and for all) old loves that if you’re really honest even you will admit are better left far, far behind you.

You might hear from one of those old lovers. Just remind yourself, this is Venus retro. And it might feel steamy and passionate. Again, it’s Venus retro. In Leo. Which means all of the steam and all of the passion, but in a backward form. In hindsight. Don’t get swept up in a love affair that literally isn’t going anywhere.

Venus retrogrades every 8 years. Think back to 8 years ago right now – 2007 – what was happening in your world that summer? There’s an echo for you in this period. If you can see the synergy and the connection, you’ll benefit from this period in dramatic ways. Astrological events roll in cycles and they are never insignificant to your development.

May the effects of this turning of the love goddess be brilliant for you! May it remind you that your best days of love and beauty are ahead of you, not in the past. So it is.

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From MoonCircles:
“Venus goes retrograde every eighteen months. During these six weeks everything that Venus rules-love, money, fertility, and creativity–is vulnerable to wild, ingenious, or deluded thinking.  Perhaps you need to shake things up a little.  Venus retrogrades can do just that. However, do be cautious with your investments. Consider big purchases with care. And don’t take relationships for granted.

Venus retrogrades can break up bickering relationships, start exciting new ones, and/or return former lovers to your life. These events may or may not be good things. The best defense is to know your Venus! Consider the needs in her natal sign and house. If you know where her retro zone falls in your birth chart, you’ll find another clue about what this time means for you. Venus will  test the quality of your past decisions here.  And your happiness in this area acquires a new urgency. Your moods may swing–from sorrow to bliss to indignant fury. Visions of better things may dance in your head. But the point is always this one: you need more joy.”


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