11 Quirky Things Only Spiritual People Do

Stole this from Spirit Science and Metaphysics, it made me laugh!

This is for all you eccentric, expansive & fun-loving Spiritual characters out there. Let’s just say, you’re not alone.

Some of these might be a daily practice for you, and some may be new to you. Either way, these are little routines & behaviors that stir attention, and that are so near and dear to us out-spoken & closet Spiritualists alike, but may seem funny or ridiculous to the outside observer.

I’ll share that this isn’t to make fun, but rather to make light of our quirks on the path of spiritual growth and practice, as to be careful we don’t take ourselves too seriously in a friendly Universe.

1) Give Their Food Energy Work in Public


Whether it’s a kale salad at a vegan joint or a gluten-free pizza treat after a busy week, it’s very likely you can spot the Spiritualist at any restaurant.

Aside from the crystal pendant around their neck, it’s the iconic eyes-closed, hands over their food, taking a deep breath and a moment of gratitude for the meal in front of them. Maybe they are channeling Angels to raise the vibration of their food or blessing the farmer that helped bring your food to your plate.

You may spot me with a group of friends holding hands and chanting loudly “Yummmm” before we begin digging in to our food. As observers look on, we all unabashedly smile, knowing it makes the food taste better.

2) Meditate While Putting Crystals All Over Their Bodies


Has anyone ever walked in on you meditating, covered in crystals with your eyes rolling back in your head and wondered WTF? Yea, me too.

Nothing to be embarrassed about here. Crystals carry incredible codes, information and properties proven by science to affect humans. That said, spiritual people have an affinity for burying themselves under a pile of sparkly crystals of all kind to work out their blocks or get updates over the cloud to their consciousness.

Bottom line, crystals are cuddly no matter how sharp they look.

3) Bless & Charge their Money with Energy

Spiritual People are on to something with this. Especially being that gratitude for gifts and services is actually the origin of money. Thus the term, a token of appreciation.

Spiritually minded folks love charging up their money with loving energy and vibes that lead to greater prosperity. Coming from the idea that love simply creates more love, and loving your money and what you do with it leads to more money. This is true!

Plus, this is one of our ways of hacking the Matrix!

4) Pull Tarot or Oracle Cards for Everything

Not sure whether to go out to dance tonight or stay home? Pull a card.
Not sure whether you should eat another piece of raw chocolate? Wise Owl Says, “Moderation.”
Not sure whether to do beach yoga or go back to sleep? Your Goddess Oracle knows what’s best.

Spiritual People love being able to receive guidance on the important decisions & to receive insights that affect their daily lives. There is no better way do so then by letting Spirit talk to you through your Oracle Divinations.

5) Think Anything Gross you do is Purging or Detoxing

Farting up a storm? You are just passing some past-lives.
Feeling congested and snotty? It’s some childhood beliefs you are clearing.

Spiritual people are regularly doing the work of purging and detoxing, in order to flush out their systems. To cleanse and clean out things they don’t need, to make room for the greater things in their life. However that often comes with some gross stuff. I like to call them stinkronicities.

6) Talk with Angels & Guides like They are Your Friends

While others look on like you are crazy, we all know that you aren’t just talking to yourself or some imaginary friend who’s stuck around since childhood.

Our Guides, Angels, Higher-Selves, even extraterrestrial intelligence have a way of broadcasting their presence and awareness directly into our stream of thought. We are human antennas after all. Ever ask yourself where your ideas come from?

You officially have permission to have moments of being chatty with your guides, whether it’s in meditation, on a walk or driving in their car. We all know they are your best friends and it’s okay to show it.

7) Dance Like it’s Healing the Planet (Who Cares Who’s Watching?)

Whether it’s in line at the store, out at the club or at an ecstatic dance, spiritual people don’t just bop & sway, they dance, move & sweat their prayers.

Spiritual people have a passion for being moved and allowing the energy of life to work through them.  Those sabotaging beliefs, shake em out! Intentions for a brighter world, dance em in!  All that needs to be let go of, ground it out.  Be free, it’s what the world needs!

8) Eat & Live on Foods No One Has Ever Heard Of

How’s your Lacto-Fermented Sprouted Sacha Inchi Spirulina Rainbow Baby Chard Salad?

Spiritual people seem to be discovering unique foods, Superfoods and new techniques to eat more familiar foods everyday. Smoothies packed full of hard to pronounce ingredients from around the world & tonic herbs that up until recent years were reserved for the dynasty.  Not to mention, super special superfood chocolate! Mmmmhmmm…

On a more serious note, this is pushing the cutting-edge of nutrition, excited to see what comes from this.

9) We Create New Words for Everything

Feeling Galactivated from your Kundalini rising? Shaktified from the drum circle?

Spiritual people don’t only like re-defining our beliefs, we like creating new definitions of older words and inventing new words altogether.  It’s become a staple for our synchro-mystic culture.

10) Reiki Their Pets

Spiritual people love their pets, and more often than not, our cats, dogs, birds or goats, end up becoming some form of our Spirit animal. As we lean on them for cuddles, support and the unconditional love that often seems hard to find in humanity, they are always there to comfort us when we need it most.

However, they sometimes need some loving support too. And when they do, you’ll be glad you know how answer the call. Giving your pets Reiki or energy work is actually a really sweet practice, and works really well. In fact, I Reiked my 22-year old cat everyday for 6-months and was pretty sure I was keeping him alive, seriously though.

Share the love and don’t let having pets be a one way street. You can channel light from your hands, the least you could do is beam some behind their ears while they nap!

11) Live a Lifestyle that Looks More Like a Vacation

Spiritual People have different values. We value love, community, connection, purpose, etc., more than we value getting uber rich and driving a specific car, although that is important for some of us.

All in all our lifestyles come first, and to others it looks like vacation and for us, it’s just how we live.

– See more at: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/11-quirky-things-only-spiritual-people-do/#sthash.DngISzDx.dpuf


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