Full (Blue!) Moon in Aquarius: July 31

A blue moon occurs when we have to full moons in one month – and this is our last one until 2018.


This Full Moon in freedom-loving, forward-thinking Aquarius opposes the Sun in fun-loving, expressive Leo.

For the next two weeks, we’ll be looking for balance and integration between two opposing energies:
Leo symbolizes the expression of our own individual light, our unique gifts, our inner spark of the divine. Aquarius, on the other hand, symbolizes the power of community, and collaboration to bring about a common vision. You could say that Leo represents our individual self-expression and Aquarius our vision for humankind. So how to achieve that balance?

This Full Moon shows us that each one of us has the capacity to be an agent of change, that we can make a difference in the world and create a better future for all of us on this planet. It’s important to realize that our future is in our hands — and our vision calls on us to express our talents full out. 

What’s more, when we join forces with like-minded people, we accomplish much more than we could on our own: Synergy and innovation arise when we come together to move towards a better future. What are your special talents? Where are you being called to make a difference? Where might your people be found?

Uranus and Venus started their retrograde phases only one week prior to this Full Moon, so their energies are still exalted during it, placing an emphasis on what we value, and on what needs to change if we are to make progress.

Venus also makes a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo; this opens our eyes and hearts to new possibilities. Humor and romance play a big role in our interactions with others in the next two weeks, as do tolerance, generosity and playfulness.

To sum it all up: this Full Moon asks us to “be ourselves”, contribute our gifts and find our tribe, all while being authentic and kind. What actions can you take that support the higher vision? 
From MoonCircles:
“Last week the royal Sun entered his own sign—ripening his favorite qualities! The Leo season celebrates love, self-confidence, generosity, romance, dignity, joy, enthusiasm, pride, courage, and passion.  This is the month to see life through the eyes of a child.  Children live in the moment; having fun is their primary goal. Especially when they’re feeling safe and seen, their hearts are wide open—to the joy of being an energetic being in a magical world. During Leo’s month you can discover magical powers, if only you’d surrender to its spirit of playfulness. Let yourself flow with the fresh, quick spirit of a child, ready for anything. Let worry and duty fall aside. Leo is the month to be creative, to stand in your own spotlight, to celebrate your life force.

I wasn’t always such a cheerleader for Leo.  In fact, before I knew much about astrology, I knew one thing: I didn’t like Leos. My ex-husband had a Leo Sun, and so did many of the creative types we hung out with—dancers, musicians, and performance artists—energetic show-offs, always grabbing center stage. Leos, I decided, were just tap-dancing toddlers disguised as adults, forever crying “Look at me, look at me!” And throughout my childhood, I hated Leo’s month. It seemed an incredible waste of time—the dreariest stretch of my summer vacation, spent watching Divorce Court and reruns of Father Knows Best, when all I really wanted was to get back to school.

Imagine my surprise when years later when I discovered I had a Leo Moon. It was hidden in my chart’s Twelfth House closet, where what the psyche rejects is held. My dislike of Leo was my own deficiency:  I was blocked in expressing its spirit. Perhaps I paid a steep price for being too kingly in a past life. As a child, whenever I won a school election or an award, I wanted to crawl out of my skin when my mother (the stand-in for my Leo Moon) dramatically ooohed and ahhed, calling me “The Big Cheese.” I wanted attention, but when I got it, I squirmed. And so in later years, when I saw others soaking up the spotlight, I considered their exhibitions shameful.

I have a friend who believes the answer to all life problems is a night on the town, full of drinking and dancing. That’s not how I have fun. But having fun—however one does it—is indeed Leo’s secret. When you can enjoy life, and enjoy yourself in the midst of life, your problems shrink and your confidence grows. I’ve since learned how to tap into the gifts of Leo’s season. I now relish the opportunity each Leo month brings—to be more fully alive, doing what comes naturally, when I enjoy being me. May you enjoy what’s special about you this month too.

If you haven’t been feeling appreciated lately, perhaps the outer world is offering a reflection of your inner world.  Perhaps you haven’t been in much of a mood to appreciate anything, let alone what’s special about you. One way to reverse this trend is to start noticing all the gifts in your outer world–the people, places, and conditions that support you.  The more you recognize what’s wonderful around you, the easier it is to start thinking about your own fine qualities.  Appreciation is good heart medicine all the way around.”


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