8 Ways Today’s Full Moon In Pisces Can Help You Find Inner Peace

Ready, set, release. The Pisces full moon awakens our desire for closure on a deep soul level. As the zodiac’s last sign, Pisces is about endings and transitions. It’s time to surrender, wave the white flag, and accept the things we cannot change.


Yeah, we’re quoting the Serenity Prayer, because recovery is part of the Pisces realm. As human beings, we’re addicted to control. We manage our weight, our partners, our money — whatever we can get our hot little hands on. Yet, the more we try to manipulate the world around us, the crazier we feel! Seriously. What’s scarier than a calorie-counter who hasn’t eaten a solid meal for days, or a person consumed by jealousy and fear in a relationship? Tunnel vision makes us mad men and women.

The Pisces full moon arrives in perfect timing, offering a one-way ticket outta our self-constructed Crazytowns. Since full moons are like giant celestial spotlights, this one could beam into an area of life where you’ve been stuck or in denial. If you’ve ignored your intuition, your appetite, and your creative expression, the Pisces full moon reminds you to pay attention. Pisces is also a dual sign, which means we will experience some of life’s paradoxes.

Here are a few ways you can tune into the Pisces full moon power:

1. Watch for “signs.”

In the light of the Pisces full moon, the veil between the spirit world and the living is thinner than ever. In the next couple days, boundaries can be blurred. You may experience coincidences, déjà vu, vividly symbolic dreams (Pisces rules sleep and the subconscious), or strange “signs” like repeating numbers on the clock or coins (especially dimes and pennies). There’s a message in there, so follow the clues. Is there an ancestor with whom you feel a special connection? Ask this person to be your guide from the other side. Hey, you never know. Put up his/her picture or add something to your environment that’s a sentimental and energetic reminder.

2. Use compassion instead of judgment.

Compassion is a huge Pisces theme, and it’s one of the most healing forces on the planet. We can only experience compassion when we catch ourselves judging other people, and instead, try to step into their shoes. Easier said than done? Oh, yeah. We’re judge-a-minute machines by nature. But judgments keep us divided, which leads to a deep sense of existential loneliness. That awakens compulsive, controlling behaviors, the ones that send us spiraling into unhappiness, addiction and manipulation. Who have you been judging in your life? Do an experiment and try to view this person through a lens of compassion. What do you see? Where are they struggling? If you’ve been un-compassionate toward yourself, where could you be kinder?

3. Do some journaling.

This seems like 101 advice, but it’s pretty amazing how quickly your inner voice can reach you when you just put pen to paper and let the s**t flow out. We’re fans of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, mainly for its brilliant practice of Morning Pages. For the uninitiated, you begin your day by free-writing three pages. So dust off your diary or buy yourself a beautiful new one to rewire that pipeline to your soul.

4. Dance it out.

Brace yourselves people, this full moon can bring up some turbulent emotions. It might even make you feel a little “cray-cray” in moments. Since there’s no way around the madness, pick a healthy outlet for release. Pisces rules the feet and is also an avid music hound. There’s no better place to lose your s#! t during a Pisces full moon than on the middle of the dance floor. Whether it’s an ecstatic dance class, trance dance meditation, mosh pit, or outdoor club, do find a strobe light and let loose. Exhaust yourself at an electronic music show, Zumba till the cows come home. Just dance (dance, dance). Then, come home and soak your tootsies in a luscious essential oil foot bath.

5. Write a love poem — and hit send.

Secret crushes, surreptitious affairs, clandestine rendezvous: the full moon in Pisces permeates the air with a Romeo and Juliet vibe. But instead of getting swept up in anything torrid and tempestuous, remember that Pisces also brings the power of the pen, at least the poetic one. Write an ode to your true love, or the one you hope will fill that role. Hit send, or drop it in the mail on lightly scented stationary. PS: Results from a full moon usually flow in within two weeks. Does s/he love you or love you not? Ah, the crashing highs and lows, the thrill of suspense: this is what the Pisces full moon lives for, so enjoy the rollercoaster ride. If you’re single and option-free, write the poem to your would-be lover and set it on an altar for two weeks. Romance the letter with rose petals, crystals and other sacred objects to manifesting love.

6. Just add water.

Ruled by Neptune, god of the seas, Pisces is the zodiac’s mermaid. Find a body of water — be it a bathtub full of scented Epsom salts, a natural hot spring, an ocean or a swimming pool — and dip a hand, a toe or your whole body in it.

7. Honor your elders.

As the last of the 12 zodiac signs, Pisces is connected with the final years of life, the time when memories fade and blur and thoughts become less lucid. Who are the elders in your neighborhood? Your family? Take time to sit and talk with a fascinating octogenarian in your world. Listening to stories about “the good old days” will be a heartwarming experience under the light of this full moon. As our society tends to cast the elderly aside, your visit will probably have a profoundly uplifting impact. But it goes both ways, so expect to get an earful of inspiration in return.

8. Give up suffering for good. (And forgive.)

In Piscean terms, forgiveness means release. Releasing judgments, grudges, pain and codependence. Releasing responsibility for fixing something that can’t be fixed, for changing what’s already happened. Piscean forgiveness means radical acceptance of what IS. From there, we can ask: what can I do right now that would make a difference?

Suffering comes from a refusal to accept a situation as it is. It’s different from grieving — when we suffer, we give up our power. We stay stuck in the past, helpless and victimized. When we grieve, we acknowledge our emotions, but we still stay empowered, present and able to act. What could YOU do today that would get you unstuck from suffering?

From MindBodyGreen


Full Moon: Corn Moon, in Pisces – August 29th

Themes for the next two weeks:


“In late August, we celebrate the beginning of the Corn Moon. This moon phase is also known as the Barley Moon, and carries on the associations of grain and rebirth that we saw back at Lammastide.


  • Colors: Yellow, red, orange
  • Gemstones: Tigers eye, carnelian, garnet, red agate
  • Trees: Cedar and hazel
  • Gods: Vulcan, Mars, Nemesis, Hecate, Hathor, Thoth
  • Herbs: Rosemary, basil, rue, chamomile
  • Element: Fire

Harness some of the Corn Moon’s fiery energy for your ritual and spell work. This is a good time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. It’s the time to harvest what you can now to put aside for later use. What sacrifices can you make today that will benefit you further down the road?”

From The Power Path:
The theme of this full moon is FAITH and TRUST. What are you doing to deepen your spiritual practice and anchor a greater faith and trust in spirit? This is an important full moon as what you do with it has the potential to set you up either really well or not so well for some of the influences of the next few months.

Rather than organizing, consolidating and prioritizing your external world, this time frame is more focused on organizing, consolidating and prioritizing your internal world. What is important? What do you value? What are you not paying enough attention to that serves as your foundation in this life?

With that said, it is also a beautiful time to spend in community and to allow yourself to receive the support around you that will help build that faith and trust. So use this full moon to get your internal and spiritual priorities straight, and set some practices in motion that will help you focus on building that important trust and faith in spirit. If you use this full moon time well, it will help you to transition through these last days of August with more focus.

Remember that evolution only goes in one direction so regardless of what it may seem like out there in the world with people acting badly, we actually are as a whole moving forward. Trust. Faith.

From MoonCircles:
Each Full Moon presents us with an apparent dichotomy between the sign occupied by the Sun, and the opposite sign, occupied by the Moon. When we take a closer look, we realize that while these two archetypes may approach a situation from opposite directions, they’re at least moving toward a common center.

The dichotomy at the heart of this Full Moon pits faith (Moon/Neptune in Pisces) against reason (Sun/Jupiter in Virgo). Is “I don’t know—I just like him/her” a valid reason to support for someone who is running for public office? Is “I’m so in love!” a persuasive argument for marriage? Our Virgo instincts are outraged by such notions, insisting that important decisions must be based on logic, not hunches. Yet Virgo’s annotated list of well-considered arguments and carefully researched facts does nothing to assuage our Piscean ache for something, or someone, to believe in.  As much as those who sneer against “hope” and “faith” would like to believe otherwise, these matter a lot to a great many people. They are, in fact, matters for which many would give their lives, and they are concepts whose power is utterly immune to critical thinking. If you doubt it, try reasoning with a friend who is madly in love with a complete scoundrel. She may agree that he’s a louse, but she hopes he’ll change. Having relinquished reason, she allows her decisions about the relationship to be made by her powerful unconscious—with all its hopes, fears, nostalgia, and unspeakable longings.It can be frustrating when those around you, especially those you love, see life through a lens that’s different from your own.

As an astrologer, I can speak from first-hand experience about cynical scientists and insulting skeptics. But as someone with a couple of planets in Virgo, I also understand their point of view; to those who worship at the altar of rational thought, an astrologer must seem like a heretical ambassador from the loony bin.The thing is, I’m a big fan of their god, the Virgo/Mercury god of discretion, logic, and scientific method. It’s just that I’m allied with another god as well — the Pisces/Neptune god that represents the mysterious connection of all things. I hope I would never sacrifice one of these gods for the other; I want them both vibrantly present in my life, and in the world. I cherish my friends and clients who have the ability to think critically, but also the humility to acknowledge that much of our world is unseen, unknowable, and richly compelling. I treasure fellow travelers who share a heartfelt, passionate, inclusive, and uplifting philosophy of life, but who realize that ideals will never change the world for good unless accompanied by intellectual honesty and a strong work ethic.

So if Virgo and Pisces are taking opposite paths to the same destination, what is their common ground? Nothing less than the nature of truth—and like superheroes possessing separate halves of a magic amulet, neither can access that knowledge without the other.

Likewise, at this Full Moon we don’t have the luxury of taking sides in the reason vs. faith debate. If we do, we risk societal chaos and fatal spiritual poisoning. The only safe road runs through the middle ground, along the damp, sandy shore between Pisces’ waters and Virgo’s solid earth.

Because this Full Moon in Pisces unfolds against Saturn’s last days in Scorpio, some of these insights will be unsettling, even shocking, but they will waken us from Neptune’s trance. And that’s a good thing, because we’re deciding which narrative to choose as our collective story. In order to choose wisely—to find our collective truth—we’ll need to be fully awake. And we’ll need every ounce of both faith and reason that we can get our hands on.”

“those upsetting words”

Had some good talk time with book club friends tonight, and I was reminded once again how hard it can be to talk about my spiritual path – not because I don’t love it, but because the words available to me are sometimes so loaded.  It reminded me of this section from a book I use as a resource, and I thought it would be good to share here…

*note: I am not actually Wiccan. I don’t mind the word witch, because the root is simply “to change” – but Wiccan viewpoints largely align with most pagan or new age beliefs.  They just have more specific rituals and traditions, which is great for some folks, just not my personal path.  So, I use a lot of their materials, even though I’m not specifically Wiccan by a long shot.

Wicca_Symbols 1

tough word #1: “witchcraft”
the root of the word wic, or wicca, means “wise”, for witches were/are keepers of wisdom.  Another definition was “to bend and shape”, meaning those who practice the craft can bend and shape natural energies to drive change, usually within themselves.

tough word #2: “power”
for Wiccans, power has little to do with control over people and things. Power is a natural state of being that comes from uniting with the vast flow of nature and operating from an experience of accord with that flow. In the Wiccan view, power is a shared, subtle energy that flows through all things.

tough word #3: “ritual”
Rituals in Wicca involve symbolic words, sounds, colors, and gestures. Wiccans understand that each element of a ritual speaks the language of the deep mind, and thus awakens the movement of psychological and spiritual energy. The symbols in Wiccan ritual emerge from both time-honored, shared correspondences, and personal associations that can emerge from dreams, meditation, personal experience and insight.  Rituals involve words and actions that help align your mind and body with specific energies, making you more connected to the divine. (example: in the Christian faith, the act of taking communion is a powerful ritual with a lot of meaning that helps those in attendance experience a certain power, emotion, energy – pagans do the same, but the rituals honor various energies, times of year, etc.)

tough word #4: “magic”
Magic is a term that sometimes causes confusion or fear. In popular imagination, magic is about getting things that you want through forbidden, dark, or dangerous forces. Wiccans understand magic as a natural process. It is the ability to change one’s consciousness – one’s frame of mind. It is the ability to arrive at substantial realizations and broadening insights that change one’s relationship as a human being to the world. Out of one’s change of consciousness comes change in the world. (“As within, so without”) The processes of magic reveal our internal patterns that can help us live in close contact with our full human power.  Empowerment and responsibility are the heart, and true lesson, of magic.  Magick (spelling with a “k” is sometimes used to differentiate from stage magic) is the art of making change, manifesting your dreams, and banishing the things that no longer serve you and hold you back.

tough word #5: “occult”
The word “occult”, derived from the Latin occultusanum, literally means “secret.”  Few Wiccans today use this term when referring to their contemporary magical or spiritual practices. However, the word simply refers to hidden teachings or energies that are available to all.  The world of spirit and energy is a mystery to most all humans, making it part of the occult.

tough word #6: “pagan”
Pagan comes from the Latin paganus, meaning “a peasant or country dweller.”  Formerly people used the word in reference to a non-Christian.  The word then expanded over time to pejoratively mean anyone who was not “of the Book”, namely a person who was not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim.  It gained negative connotations over time and came to mean someone who was an uncivilized “idolator.”  In contemporary practice, a pagan is someone who follows a polytheistic or pantheistic spiritual system. Typically, a pagan is someone who believes that the universe, the earth, and all of its inhabitants contain divinity.  The divine force is inherent in all life and form. Spiritual does not mean divorced from the physical, earthly realm. The earth is one of the most divine forms in all creation. All life, all nature, is the divine manifest, and most pagans honor the earth as a living being, a source of life.

tough word #7: “spell”
Simply put, a symbolic act through which anyone can channel nonphysical energies to move toward a goal. Spells are the same as prayers – simple acts of sending out intention to the divine, asking it to manifest.

tough word #8: “polytheist”
Although witches are usually considered polytheists, meaning they acknowledge and honor more than one deity, they recognize the one spirit running through everything. Perhaps the word monist, one who recognizes the divine in everything, is a more appropriate term, but most pagans identify as polytheists. The gods, goddesses, and spirits they recognize and honor are expressions of that one spirit, leading to a more personal relationship with the divine.

These words are often tough to explain in conversation, but hopefully, over time, they will come to reflect their true meaning – I find this spiritual path to contain some “dark” words, but in beautiful ways! The dark and mysterious can be beautiful, just as night can be beautiful, the space inside the womb can be beautiful, and even death can be beautiful…right?

(sources: The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, and Wicca: A Year and a Day)

Pathway to Acscension: Virgo Sun Sign

This is a great way to understand sun sign!  What are you becoming?


“Astrology and astronomy were established as sciences around 5000 B.C.E. in Chaldea and Babylonia. Many of the great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers. Our Western history books simply call them philosophers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, theologians, politicians, mathematicians-ignoring the fact that astrology played a major role in their lives and thinking.”

—Nancy Detweiler
A New Age Christian: My Spiritual Journey

Your zodiac sun sign signifies the energy on which your Soul incarnated this lifetime. Though there are numerous additional factors influencing the overall map of your Soul, your sun sign plays a major role in your life. Your sun sign reveals your consciousness of self as a unique human being.

If you also know your Ascendant’s sign energy, you may study the zodiac energies from yet another point of view. Your Ascendant energy most often characterizes the way others perceive you. At the soul-centered level, your Ascendant energy reveals your Soul’s purpose and the activities through which you most naturally express that purpose.

The person who is Virgo incarnated to seek an avenue of meaningful service. Virgo asks, “How can I integrate a higher level of consciousness into my daily lifestyle and work?” He/she is more interested in rewarding work than in a highly paid, non-service type of job. Virgo’s highest expression is found in serving others, in ways that offer healing of body, mind, and spirit.

A major challenge for Virgo is overcoming a tendency to criticize others. Because Virgo is striving for perfection, she very readily sees the imperfections in others. In actuality, Virgo is criticizing in others the very qualities she subconsciously knows must be corrected within herself. Others act as mirrors to remind Virgo what her soul assignments are. A Virgo incarnation marks the end of a cycle of purely personal development; it involves a process of transformation for the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Thus, Virgo’s urge toward perfection.

Virgo must learn to think positively because her state of mind has a direct impact on her physical health. Virgo health can be a barometer of the measure of personal satisfaction she experiences in her work. Once Virgo believes her work to no longer be meaningful or offer an avenue of continued growth, her physical body will manifest symptoms that say, “It’s time for a change.” When this happens, Virgo needs to listen and take appropriate action. Virgo is not easily defeated; instead, she uses her active mind to seek new ways to find success.

Virgo is learning discernment and how to analyze and be more objective. She is experimenting and searching for a means of creative self-expression that will be practical and meaningful to those she serves. Virgo dislikes conflict, considering it to be a waste of time. She uses her creative talents to give birth to her own unique contribution to our world. Faith in the Divine and in herself is characteristic at the soul-centered level. Virgo’s ultimate service is to live as an expression of Self in an act of Love.


Goddess Oracle: Yemaya (Surrender)

Took a short break from the Goddess Oracle cards to take in the ones I’ve looked into so far..ready to move on!


Yemaya (pronounced ee’mah-zha) is a Santerian African – Caribbean goddess of the sea, who gave birth to fourteen orishas, or spirits.  Originally known as Ymoja, the West African Yoruban river mother, she also came to Brazil where she is known as Iamanja. At her celebration on the Summer Solstice, her worshippers arrive at her shorelines dressed in white and launch little boats loaded with flowers, candles, and gifts. Sometimes she accepts the offerings and prayers and sometimes she sends them back. It is said that those who come to Mother Yemaya and surrender to her find that their troubles dissolve in the waters of her embrace.

Meaning of the Card:
Yemaya swimming into your life signals a time for surrender. Are you carrying more than you can handle comfortably? Do you think you must do it all by yourself? Have you come up against a wall and feel the only way to get to the other side is by breaking through?  Surrender doesn’t mean giving up; rather you are giving over, asking for assistance so you can do what you want to do.

Wholeness is nurtured when you realize that the only way through some situations is to surrender and open to something greater. The act of surrendering is one of opening and trust. When we open and trust, we allow Goddess energy to work with us to achieve what we need.

Ritual Suggestion: Surrendering
You can do this ritual at the ocean or another body of water, or you can do this journey in imagination.

Prepare yourself by centering.
Take a deep breath and bring your awareness to your womb.
Breathe in and out from your vulva.
When you are ready, slowly and reverently enter the water while calling out to Yemaya to meet you.
Find a place where you can float on your back in a safe and comfortable way.
Feel Yemaya surrounding and supporting you.
Let yourself go into her embrace.

You can experience the total embrace of Yemaya by physically surrendering to her, or you can give over to Yemaya an aspect of your life with which you need assistance.
Do you need help with your finances or love life or job hunt or search for housing?
As the water washes over your body, as you float, Yemaya rinses you of all the burdens you carry.
Let her take them from you.
Give them to her willingly.
See, sense, or feel yourself handing them over to her with relief and certainly that all will be taken care of.
Let yourself go into the immensity of the ocean.

When you are ready to return, thank Yemaya for your time with her.
Then head back to the shore, feeling lighter, more vital, and clear.
Welcome back.

This one feels strange to me. Admittedly, when I first pulled the card, I thought – “Surrender?  I don’t need that.”  The Leo in me likes to be in charge (and I shouldn’t always be!), and the Gemini likes to think I understand and know ALL the things (I don’t.) The concept of needing help is tough for me, even though I know it’s necessary to be whole.  I just don’t automatically think I need it.  Not the best tendency.

Lately, the thought of surrender has come to me in regard to friendships. It’s no secret to those who know me well that friendships are something I have long struggled with. When I genuinely like someone, I immediately want to know all about them, communicate with them often – I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Then I experience massive disappointment or sadness when I realize I just like someone way more than they like me; that I am invested in them and they couldn’t give a damn. One of the light sides of Leo (thank goodness there are at least a few) is that I tend to feel really generous with people I care about.  When the relationship feels one sided, I get my emotions trampled on. I’ve experienced this very recently in a few different instances.  Being the one who texts or calls or e-mails and gets zero in return, and then realizing I am always reaching out, and if I stopped, I’d probably never hear from that person.  I don’t want to carry a friendship alone.  UGH.  I feel like that idiot sensitive girl crying in her car, wondering why someone doesn’t love me.  It feels so silly.  I want to give myself the pep talk about being complete in yourself and not being needy.

But on the flip side, I want to honor myself.  I know what I can give, and I am always more than willing to give it.  I am so far from perfect…it’s not funny.  Maybe my Leo side is upset because it doesn’t feel appreciated or liked, and, as sad as it is, Leos need that.  I know I am independent and may not APPEAR to need others, so maybe they distance themselves from me.

At any rate, maybe this is an area where I need to surrender.  Perhaps I need to let it go, and live, and know that the universe will send me the right people who won’t make me feel that way…or that it will teach me something internally so that I don’t feel that way.

I may have to sit with this one and try the ritual…if only I had a pool, or a beach nearby. (I don’t get into lake water…I love nature, but it feels…ew.)

the Diamond.

“Most mainstream religions, particularly the Judeo-Christian traditions, are monotheistic, acknowledging only one god: theirs. Some feel these traditions focused on the masculine vibration of the divine and saw it as the one and only source of life. They are looking at the brilliance of the whole diamond, but are blinded to look at the individual facets. Or they are fascinated by one facet of the diamond, one god, and exclude all else. The spiritual ancestors of modern witches were in a position that seems unique to us today. Because of their polytheistic nature, they could recognize the gods of another tribe, land, or culture as different expressions of their own gods. They could see the diamond as a whole as well as the individual facets.  As we look to the Great Spirit at the center of the diamond, witches remember that we, too, are facets of the diamond. Like the trees, oceans, and animals, we are expressions of the divine, the Goddess, God, and Great Spirit.


(C. Penczak, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft)

Native American Zodiac: Bear (Virgo Sun Sign)

Bear: August 22 – September 21


Pragmatic and methodical, the Bear is the one to call when a steady hand is needed. The Bear’s practicality and level-headedness makes him/her an excellent business partner. Usually the voice of reason in most scenarios, the Bear is a good balance for Owls. The Bear is also gifted with an enormous heart, and a penchant for generosity. However, one might not know it as the Bear tends to be very modest, and a bit shy. In a loving environment this Native American animal symbol showers love and generosity in return. Further, the Bear has a capacity for patience and temperance, which makes him/her excellent teachers and mentors. Left to his/her own devices the bear can be skeptical, sloth, small-minded and reclusive.

Native American Bear Meaning and Symbolism
  • Power
  • Courage
  • Freedom
  • Protection
  • Motherhood
  • Discernment
  • Childbearing
  • Resourcefulness
  • Unpredictability

As a brother, the bear imparts this advice to both our ancestors and us today…
Because the bear is cautious, it encourages discernment to humankind.
Because of a fierce spirit, the bear signals bravery to those who require it.
Because of its mass and physical power, the bear stands for confidence and victory.
Because it prefers peace and tranquility (in spite of its size), Bear calls for harmony and balance.

Virgo at-a-glance

I have LOTS of Virgo energy in my life – not in my chart, but in those of people close to me.  Learning how to work with this energy is challenging, but I think I am getting better.  Like my sun sign, Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so we have that in common…


Sun Sign: Virgo
Gemini Cycle: August 23 to September 22
Color: Yellow Green
Traditional Gemstones: Sardonyx, Lapis Lazuli
Non-traditional Gemstones: Amazonite, Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Chrysocolla, Garnet, Peridot, Carnelian, Agate, Rhodochrosite, Ruby
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Associated Deities: Mercury and Ceres in the Roman Pantheon; Narcissus, Demeter, and Persephone in the Greek Pantheon; and Isis in the Egyptian Pantheon

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. Those born under this mutable Earth sign are industrious, sharp-minded, methodical, detail-oriented, practical, and efficient, and more than any other sign, have a strong sense of duty.

Represented by the Virgin, Virgos tend to take on some of her qualities like modesty and humanity. Some might consider Virgos repressed, but they would argue that this is a positive quality rather than a negative one.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, named after the Roman god of movement, Virgos are capable communicators and can accomplish much with their time. Virgo brains are often in overdrive, but their desire for perfection can get in the way of their clear thinking.

Things I learned in class:
Came here to work, and be of service; must partner with those who appreciate their career, and doesn’t always love time off work. Hard working; can keep people on task.
Shows love via acts of service, not so much with words of affirmation.
Not always interested in being #1, but want to be at the table supporting the whole.
Can be critical and cynical.
WANTS to believe in love and light, but may feel jaded or skeptical, and they need some proof/data.
Does not like salespeople or bullshit – they usually know what they want, don’t need to be sold

Light aspects: precise, analytical, detail-oriented, service-oriented, unselfish (and they hate selfishness), committed, loyal (may stay in relationship past their expiration date!), don’t always put their own needs first, are quite self-sufficient.  Virgos can help you ground, realize things are doable.  They are frugal, and may not always treat themselves.

Shadow aspects: Can seem cold, can shut you down and wound with words; can hold grudges; will come out of their “hurt” place, but need time – just let them be; May carry deep shame or concerns from childhood. Can make themselves difficult to love, but then feel like an “unlovable” victim. Not always very tolerant, can judge often, can be quite traditional.  Highly perfectionist with themselves and others. May build up fears in their minds; may fear long term commitments.  Can struggle to fall asleep with mind running. Hate being wrong.

Virgo learns to release the tight grasp and mellow as they age, and as they watch people they respect.

Can be very protective of personal items and spaces.

Don’t ask Virgo “what are you thinking?” – just don’t.

Stones that can are good for Virgo:
Lapis – uncovers and retrieves self esteem. “I’m ok, I’m safe, I’m powerful, I’m good.”
Moss agate- helps you see the silver lining!
Picture jasper – to help see the big picture, use imagination, see what is possible
Magnazite – attracts friendships

Virgo MOON folks are deeply analytical in their subconscious, which can undermine relationships.  They have to learn to TRUST and can be deeply skeptical.

Note: Spiritual development is very important for VIrgos!  It can get them out of negative head space.  They may struggle to believe – meditation and yoga can help!

So, Virgo readers, anything seem totally off track?  On point?

Thursday thought…

…to meditate on, perhaps?

“When I say witchcraft is a spirituality, I mean it is a spiritual path.  You walk it for nourishment of the soul, to commune with the life force of the universe, and to thereby better know your own life.  Witchcraft is a daily commitment to renew yourself in the cycles of the Earth, to synchronize yourself with the powers in life.”
(C. Penczak, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft)


Stone Stuff: Clearing Crystals

Now that you have your crystals, what’s next? Time to clear!

From The-Open-Mind.com


Clearing Your Crystals

Crystals can collect various forms of energy from emotions, thought, touch, and many other sources. When other people handle your crystal, they leave their energy imprint on the crystal. This isn’t “bad” however, in order to make your crystal truly yours, we suggest that you remove the stored vibration. This is known as clearing the crystal.

It is a good idea to clear your crystal when you first get it, after you use it for any healing work, or whenever you feel that the crystal lacks light, luster, and energy.

Sea Salt Method

(Please note: many feel this method is too harsh. They prefer some of the other, more gentle methods listed below.)

Bury the crystal in sea salt overnight, preferably in a ceramic or glass container. You can purchase sea salt in most health food stores and in some supermarkets. You may also put your crystal in a container of water and sea salt. Use your intuition to determine how much salt you need and how long you want to leave the crystal in the solution (usually one to three days). Wash all salt off the crystals after clearing them. (We recommend filtered water for this.)


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A wonderful Native American method of clearing is to burn cedar and sage leaves and pass your crystal through the smoke. Cedar and sage may be purchased in most shops that specialize in herbs. You can also use a smudge stick, which combines cedar, sage, and often other herbs. This method is excellent for clearing your crystal as well as yourself and your environment. We prefer it for clearing jewelry.


Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, or if it is large, in both your hands. Focus your thoughts on the crystal with the intention that it will become free of all negative energy. As you hold this thought, inhale through your nose and exhale forcefully through your mouth. Your breath carries your intention to clear your crystal.

Remember to use your intuition to determine when your crystal needs clearing. Whenever you sense a decrease in its energy, a cloudiness or stickiness, it’s time to clear.

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