Celtic Month of the Hazel

Celtic Calendar: Hazel Month
August 5 – September 1

“Hazel, the tree of wisdom and learning, adds its strength to the bright fire burning.


The Hazel Moon was known to the Celts as Coll, which translates to “the life force inside you”. This is the time of year when Hazelnuts are appearing on the trees, and are an early part of the harvest. Hazelnuts are associated with wisdom and protection. Hazel is often associated in Celtic lore with sacred wells and magical springs containing the salmon of knowledge. This is a good month to do workings related to wisdom and knowledge, dowsing and divination, and dream journeys.  If you’re a creative type, such as an artist, writer, or musician, this is a good month to get your muse back, and find inspiration for your talents.

I honor the energy of hazel, the tree of wisdom.
I will heed my own inner intuitions, and will be wise and informed in my choices.

Tree of Knowledge
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Deity: Hermes, Aemgus, Diana, Artemis

LESSON OF HAZEL, from The Wisdom of Trees
“The Hazel encourages us to seek out information and inspiration in all things and emphasizes the value of the inquiring mind and of learning of all kinds. Just as the hazel concentrates all its goodness and its continued existence in the kernel of its fruit, so we attain wisdom by reducing knowledge down to its purest form and passing it on down the ages. Through meditating on the essence of wisdom, we gain creative inspiration. Like the limbs of the hazel, we must remain pliant in our approach to learning. Concentrated thought in an open mind can, like the hazel, become a connection with the divine source of all things. The hazel teaches us the noble arts of learning, teaching, communication, and healing.

Hazel Magickal properties:
Wands made of this wood symbolize white magick and healing.
Forked sticks are used to find water or buried treasure.
Magically, hazel wood is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and poetic inspiration – the air surrounding hazel trees is said to be magically charged with these energies.


From The Celtic Tree Oracle:
The Hazel embodies many talents: poetry, divination, and the powers of meditation. Through the guidance of this card, these talents can be a channel for creative energies, especially that which allows you to inspire or create these capacities among others, through your work, interests, and pursuits. The Hazel, in fact, allows you to be a catalyst of transformation, working through the promptings of intuition to bring ideas to the surface.

Hazel Energy In Your Life
Bring the creativity and inspiration of the Hazel Moon into your life, both at work and at home.

1. Enroll in an evening class.  Now is an auspicious time to learn a new skill – try painting, learning a language or dance.

2. Keep a journal.  Just writing down your wishes and experiences will help you tune into your inner wisdom.

3. Go outside at night and look at the Moon.  Staying connected to nature will bring powerful insights and help you remain grounded.

4. Feed your mind: buy a book of inspiring quotes and read one each day to stimulate your intellect and sharpen your thinking.



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