Star Stuff: Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance and spends about a year in each sign.


With Jupiter now in Virgo (to September 2016), there is opportunity for good fortune through serving others in a humble way.  It is easy to attract extra work assignments now, and there is increasing attention to detail.  Everyone becomes more practical, health matters come into focus and improve, and it’s an ideal time to begin any new physical regime.

This year is the time to ask:
How have I been underestimating myself?  How can I grow, do more, be more, explore more?

During Jupiter transit, we have lots of opportunities – it is time to size them up and grab them. Recognize that we deserve these opportunities, and that we’re capable of rising to the occasion. Jupiter gives us confidence to do that – have faith in life, trust yourself, go for it.

We attract fortune when we are helpful, honest, orderly, and attentive to details.  This is a humble energy.  Those in the service industry can definitely prosper.  Technical knowledge and skills, precise work, and consistently giving 100% are all highly appreciated. We can grow by being practical and realistic.

Benefits and opportunities are likely to come through via coworkers or associates, clients, etc. Job improvement and improvements to work environments are very possible.  Tasks that help us get to the bottom, create clarity and order – these take priority for these 13 months.

Best way to handle this transit: recognize how you can be of service and value, and be proud of it!

We are also asked to widen our understanding of health and healing. Health services are likely to prosper, especially holistic approaches. Outcomes are good if we take holistic approaches to our own health.

Randomly (or not): good time to get a new pet!

If you have a Sagitarrius sun or rising sign, you will feel these changes more strongly.  You can use this year to get more grounded in details and think about what’s coming up next in your journey.

If you have personal planets in Virgo – (moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) Jupiter transit will expand the energy of that planet in your chart, bringing new opportunities in those areas, like putting magnification glass over that planet, seeing that energy more.

Where you have Virgo in your chart (which house, if any?)- this is where you can get down to details and give it your all!

Any thoughts on how this energy will affect your year, readers?  This could manifest in a few ways for me, but I think focus will be on honoring my own gifts and seeing how they help build the whole, being more patient, detailed, and precise with my work (Gemini me can’t concentrate enough, Leo me wants it to just get done already).  Also a good year for me to focus on more healthy habits.


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