Star Stuff: Mars in Leo

Mars has changed signs, from protective, emotional, safety oriented Cancer to fun-loving, risk-taking Leo, where it will journey until Sept. 24th. During this time, we will feel a strong need to create in some way. This is a particularly vital position for Mars. Passions tends to run high, as does desire; we tend to be more strong willed and enthusiastic at this time.


Mars is a planet of action, energy, and motivation.  With Mars in Leo, there is desire to pursue pleasurable activities and recreation.  Anything that allows you to convey your sense of self is encouraged.  Romance is stimulated, as is the desire for physical love making (cue Marvin Gaye).

We enjoy taking risks now. Our ego is tied up with our actions; anything we do becomes a source of great pride — and a temptation to “prideful” positioning. If we are able to use this time to move forward on our personal goals — especially if they are in alignment with our heart — we could become inspirational leaders.

If you have an Aries Sun-sign or Rising-sign, you are going to feel more fun-loving and competitive; it likely will be a more active time in your life. If you are a Leo Sun-sign or Rising sign, you will feel quite energized and passionate. Channeling this energy into physical exercise or a project with your children (or your inner child) might be advisable. 


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