Stone Stuff: Blue Tigers Eye

The second stone in the bracelet Jen made me (check her Etsy shop for custom stone and wrapped jewelry – here) is blue tigers eye. In the photo, these are the smallest stones, they are dark blue.


The skinny on this stone:

Also known as hawk’s eye.  A stone of intuition and insight.

Healing/Magickal uses:
Enhances integrity of communication.
Helps find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the willpower to carry them into the physical realm.
Can be used for protection, especially of the throat and third eye chakras.
Enhances integrity, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power.
Helps gain perspective to see/face situations fully, seeing the overview clearly and unflinchingly, as from a hawk’s eyes.
Deepens meditation.

Planet – Jupiter
Element – Air
Chakras – Third Eye and Throat
Typical colors – mid to dark blue, sometimes with gray or green bands

Working with this stone can help you find the courage needed to trust your inner wisdom and intuition and it is useful if you want to make an honest inventory of who you are, what you are and where you are going in life.”

Known as a stone for air travelers!


Reasons this is a great stone for me right now/most of the time:

1. Need strengthening of intuition

2. I have significant amounts of Sagittarius in my chart, so those energies resonate with me

3. Can use help going deeper into meditation

4. Air travel – I do it every single month, maybe more often

5. Third eye chakra is one I’d like to activate more

Another great choice for my bracelet!  Last one coming up in a post soon…


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