Stone Stuff: Charging Crystals

Now that we know how to select stones (refer to this previous post) and to clear them (refer to this other post), it’s time to charge stones with some great focused energy.


Quick and simple!


To charge a crystal is to revitalize it. Think of what kind of energy you want to store in your crystal.

Use your imagination and experiment by putting your crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight, on a large crystal cluster, under a pyramid, buried in the snow, or in the earth.

Type of Energy You Want, and Where/When to Place

  • Cleansing: in a purifying stream
  • Vitality, Energy: sea at high tide
  • Restful, Relaxing: sea at low tide
  • Optimism, Hope: charge outside under a new moon
  • Abundance, Love: charge outside under a full moon
  • Introspection: charge outside under dark of moon
  • Harvesting dreams: fall equinox
  • Rebirth, Renewal: winter solstice
  • Growth: spring equinox
  • Passion, Joy: summer solstice


Anyone have other ways you like to charge?

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