Gemini Sun, Leo Moon

This blog functions as much a journal for me as for sharing with the world.  Most readers know I love astrology, and even though I study it a great deal, it still always gives me something to think about when I apply the patterns I see to my life. I am pulling parts of my chart from and reading to see what resonates…this is a season for turning inward and learning, seeing the good AND the bad.


Tonight, I am reading…

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo

Deep within yourself you are an intellectual being. (agreed)
Your mind is very changeable, adaptable, alert, and aspiring. (agree)
It is positive and strong. (usually, yes, though the inherent positivity sometimes makes me seem crass or feel not so compassionate when I should)

Internally you come under the influence of the Sun in Gemini. This makes you a volatile individual. The danger is that sometimes you may lose yourself in concepts and theories and become increasingly inactive. More determination could greatly improve your character. (um, YES.  I love ideas and learning, but discipline is hard for me)

Others see you as a strong, forceful personality. (not sure, true/not true?)
Fate always seems to place you in situations in which you must exert authority over others and act with full responsibility. (true, I always seem to need to take the lead or noone will)
A person under the domination of the Moon in Leo could be fortunate in money matters. (usually pretty lucky here, I think)
You are open to criticism, and you may achieve recognition and fame in life. (don’t know about fame, but I am open to feedback always)
You can express yourself well and do not hesitate to take positions that expose you to the public. (I suppose? Being in public doesn’t really frighten me)
However, you may compensate for whatever negative traits you carry by your generosity and your direct and unassuming attitude toward others. (direct – yes. generous – most of the time)
You are very susceptible in love and sexual affairs. You will be fortunate in relationships and will prove to be a sincere lover. (I hope!)

The key to a better integration of your being is to harmonize your more real intellectual nature with your apparently passionate personality.

Learning from my sun and moon sign:
Bridge the gap of the mind and the heart.  Embrace discipline for the good.


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