Star Stuff: Pluto Station


Pluto started slowing down on Monday — it is getting ready to come to a halt on Sept. 25th, after its 5-month retrograde phase. This makes its energy more exalted in the sky for the next 4 weeks. When an outer planet stations, its energy gets more pronounced; we become more aware of its impact on us — and this can sometimes cause discomfort. We are being asked to hang out with that discomfort until the planet’s energy has picked up speed again (around Oct.8th).

Pluto is associated with our soul purpose. It relates to the process of empowerment — our ability to feel empowered from within, through the experience of wholeness — and to our deepest passions. It is also associated with transformation, for example our ability to transform darkness into light or “death” into “rebirth”. Those terms don’t necessarily refer to physical death or rebirth, but rather some sort of ending and beginning.

To get to a place of truthfulness on the soul level, Pluto will remove what no longer serves us, replacing it with something new — something fully aligned with our deepest passions and soul purpose. When we resist the deep changes Pluto brings, we tend to suffer; on the other hand, when we surrender and allow for that process to take place, we will move to a place of greater authenticity — and feel a newness and empowerment from within.

As best as you can, take a closer look at whatever is “in your face” for the next 4 weeks. Look for what might no longer be in alignment with your soul’s purpose (your deep authentic Self). Ask yourself: Where am I holding on, out of fear? What habits, behaviors or fears are holding me back from feeling fully empowered from within? What would it look like, if I was fully aligned with my Soul-purpose? How would it feel? When we confront our fears we very often discover hidden gifts and strengths.


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