Just a note on September…

According to an astrologer I listen to and learn from, the next 5 weeks may contain a lot of departures – as in deaths, passing – so, remember to tell people you love them!  Not to be morbid…but it can’t hurt to be on the careful side.

Also, September will likely feel hectic. We may find ourselves asking “how do I get all of this done?” (We are already feeling this in my household…)

Shift happens! And Boy Howdy, this is a month of shifts.
September’s menu is offering:
– two eclipses – lunar and solar
– three planets changing direction – Venus, Mercury, Pluto
– two planets changing signs – Mars and Saturn
– one Equinox

Your job during this time:

#1. Self care is a must! Take time for yourself, it’s mandatory, and sacred. Schedule it officially if it helps!

#2. Remember that others are feeling the same and may need help focusing on their own self care. Give them encouragement, time, and space.


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