Star Stuff: A note on the New Moon & partial eclipse this weekend

The energy of this new moon and eclipse get us focusing on our vision – what do we want?

Watch what happens this week – the proverbial stage lights are down, and the heavens are talking to us. Pay attention!

Now is a great time to state clearly what it is you love, and to let that speak to your dreams and forward vision. This eclipse energy could bring some life changing news…feel the flow, people.

Holding this eclipse period between New Moon and Full Moon on September 27 as an initiation will support us in receiving the gifts and lessons unfolding in our lives.  Eclipses magnify the power of the Moon/Sun/Earth relationship intensely, and they reset our energetic bodies to the powerful present moment by interrupting the normal flow of light wave energy.  Let it happen.

With this first eclipse in Virgo, we can dial up some of the benefits of the traditional archetype of Virgo “… purity, diplomacy, a mastery of words, a discriminating intellect, a propensity for study, a talent for investigation and analysis, skillful creativity and a keen appreciation of the mysteries of nature.”*  


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