(a note on) Personal Freedom

From the Inner Temple of Witchcraft

“Witches seek freedom from dogma, the freedom to personally delve into the mysteries of the divine and find our own answers.  There may be recommendations and guidelines in each tradition, but there is no official bible.  Our bible is the cycle of the seasons.  Our songs are the songs of the Earth.  No one central authority exists.  The experience of others can help us find our way, but ultimately we walk individual paths.  Others can support, guide, and comfort us, but cannot do it for us.  We are our own intermediaries to the Goddess and the God, the divine, the all, the Universe.  Each individual strives to be his or her own clergy.  Magick is used because it works, as is meditation and psychic abilities.  We don’t need to believe blindly because we are guided by experience.  Witches don’t simply believe, we do.  Such free spirits recognize that no one person or religion has the answer.  Being polytheists, we gladly acknowledge other points of view without feeling threatened.  Most of us come from other traditions and seek to escape past dogma.  Some still feel anger over the persecutions of the past and blame dogma and intolerance, but for the most part, witches do not harbor any biases against other religions.  We live and let live.


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