Star Stuff: Saturn in Sagittarius

This week, Saturn finally moved out of Scorpio…that was intense while it lasted.  Time to take a deep breath!  Saturn is now in Sag until December 2017.  What’s this mean?

Saturn (in general, as a planet) teaches us about moderation, caution, and slowing things down. It focuses on foundations: what should we build to manifest what we want in real life? Where do our foundations need work? Saturn is about doing that work to manifest/create what we dream of and need. Saturn energy helps us to live in the present so we can see what’s happening here and now. What is true, and what is truly needed?

Sagittarius is about beliefs, authenticity, intentions, freedom, vision.

When you put the two together:


Saturn in Sagittarius for the next two years invites us to look for practical application of our attitudes towards life, firming up our belief systems, and becoming more authentic. We need to feel more liberation and freedom in our lives, and to move away from rigid thinking.

Saturn in Sag says to us: slow down, what is true here?  Let’s get to the core, and then see the bigger picture.  Even if something has worked in the past, don’t assume it’s still best for you!  Are your assumptions and attitudes true here and now?  Or are they things we’ve dragged with us from the past?  Are they actually truths that hold?  We are invited to clarify our ethics and beliefs as a society AND as individuals.  This may seem daunting, but simply slow down, don’t be scared, and ask yourself: what are my intentions?  Then work through the issues, take things step by step.  We may want to control things or people, or to hold on to what we used to know, but that will only cause us suffering.

We do seek growth now, but in a disciplined, slowed, and structured way – we want and need to take our time and do it well. We want to approach things with maturity and realism. Focus on developing one or two meaningful pursuits in these two years, but don’t over-commit yourself. Do those one or two things really well vs. a lot of things halfway. For things you’re studying right now, be clear: what are you working towards? What is your goal? Does this line of study match what you want to become in life?

Time to let go of self-defeating attitudes! It’s OK (and good, even!) to question why we have certain attitudes or perceptions, to review and revise them. Let’s see if our expectations are matched with reality. These two years are a good time to have help of mentors or teachers; to connect with someone who has integrity to help us learn and grow.

It is time to cut out excessive expectations. Saturn is about what is real. If we work with this energy in a healthy way, it can give us great realism without pessimism, to keep us in line without dampening our spirits. If you are feeling depressed or heavy in this transit, you are resisting working with that Saturn energy – either not wanting to take responsibility, or taking so much that you get overwhelmed and forget to slow down.

Freedom is not about escaping responsibility, nor about breaking the rules, but about what we can enjoy after we tend to our responsibilities. Structure doesn’t take freedom from us – it can help us enjoy freedom more!

In these two years, issues with discipline and beliefs in areas of teachings, religions, freedom of thought – these will come up a great deal, individually and collectively.  Blind faith comes up for inspection during the next two years. People will be asking: what do I stand for? Are my belief systems true for me? What future am I working toward, and why? What motivates me beyond the everyday grind? WHY do I believe this?

Look at you chart to see what house this transiting Saturn is in. Ask yourself how you’re using its energy in your life in that particular area. Are you too rigid? Too loose? Not truthful with yourself? Building on shaky foundations? Where can you be more responsible, less rigid?

Whatever house Saturn is in for you, that’s where (over these two years) you need to reach a realistic balance, a mature state, to know what is true for you!

My thoughts while looking at this:
This could be a big couple of years for spiritual awakenings, and for people moving away from organized religions because they are taking the time to review why they believe certain things.

Seems like a period of a lot of self-checking – remembering that revisions in life are OK, even welcome.

Interestingly, for me, this transiting Saturn is in my fourth house, the house of home, origins, mothering/family, history, creating safe space, sanctuary.  It stands to reason that I will be looking for realistic  balance, mature perceptions, and focusing on my foundations in those areas.  Time for me to leave off any rigid thinking in these areas, and to be authentic, honest, and to firm up my beliefs about these things.  What could it mean?  Buying a home?  Studying and connecting to my ancestry?  Creating sacred space for myself and others to be more authentic in?  Being more connected to family?  All possible, and feel right for me at this moment.

My partner’s Saturn is in his ninth house, the house of philosophy, meaning, higher mind, learning, travel, adventure, seeking, religion, reading, expansion…that one seems fairly self-explanatory, and it sounds like it could be a big year for us as a family unit.

Even funnier, he’s usually the one with the connection to home/family, and I am usually the one with connection to travel/spirituality/learning, so these two years should be a time of us leaning into, learning from, and sharing with each other.   I feel like I will be asking myself: how do I want to truly live, create space, and connect to those I consider family?  And he will be asking himself: what do I really believe, and how do I live my life to support it? (Looking forward to it, honey!)

What does this post make you think of overall?  What comes to mind?
What house is your Saturn in?  What’s it mean for you?
(If you don’t know, comment and I’ll reply with some deets!)

Time to flow with this Sag energy….


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