Libra learning!

My sister is a Libra.  I took a class about the sign last night and told her – she messaged back “you’re going to know so much about me by the time October is over”

(a) I already do, duh
(b) that’s a very libra thing to say!


here’s what I learned…

Libra likes to talk, but not so much about themselves.  They don’t like bullshit though, and hate feeling taken advantage of.  An evolved Libra can kindly express that they’re a nice person, but won’t allow others to step on them.

Libra energy connects to the Empress card in the tarot.

Sexuality can be challenging for them.

They typically feel strongly about animal & human rights.  They want things to be FAIR.

Relationship is super important to them. They sometimes partner very early in life, and will stay in relationships even after they should have exited – they can continue to rationalize why they should stay.  If you know a Libra who is not partnered, chances are they have either (a) been wounded, or (b) are holding out for their ideal partner.  Libras are romantic, and unlike some signs, they tend to hold onto that romance throughout all the years of a relationship – but they don’t like being taken for granted and need to see that it’s reciprocated.  Libra love language is very often words of affirmation.

Libras are usually inherently good at music and other artistic pursuits, and they are into the aesthetics of things.

They disarm people and are very relateable, usually making people comfortable interacting with them.

As an air sign, they do think – a lot.  But as the CARDINAL air sign, they like to get things done! They think through all the options, and tend to be VERY prepared for anything (honestly, quite a lot of doomsday preppers are libras…).  These folks simply like to have a plan.

Typically good with money.

Libra women are assertive, productive, proactive – but the focus is on the task, not them personally. They can sometimes be referred to as having an “iron fist in a velvet glove”, as they come across kindly, but mean business.

Libra men are usually more connected to their feminine side than other signs – this can be a good thing, of course.  They’re eloquent and usually fairly graceful.

Libra RISING folks are talkative, engaging, interested in beauty, natural hosts, people pleasers.  These are the people who will have you over in 15 minutes for a party that no one planned, because they are just that host-y.

Libra MOON folks have some of the more intense and darker Libra qualities – i.e. really overthinking things, and feeling resentful if they are not appreciated.

In life, soul work for Libras involves learning that it is OK not to please everyone.

Libras pair well with other air signs, as long as there’s not TOO much talking (they have a limit) – also pairs well with most fire and earth signs.

When parenting a Libra, make sure you are understanding of any gender ambiguity – this is something a lot of Libra children wrestle with a bit in the path to understanding themselves. These kiddos really want to please you!

So, what does libra need?
-to get grounded
-to unplug
-to find an artistic outlet
-to let go of what they think they “should be” doing

Libras need to find what makes their soul sing – and then to find a vocation that allows them to do that…and, in truth, they need to find their ideal partner.

Stones for Libra:
Bloodstone: for bodily healing and care (they don’t always take care of their health)
Rainbow obsidian: to transmute negative energy and heal the aura (libras easily absorb energies from around them, and that’s not always good)
Opal: to enhance that awesome creativity, connection, imagination
Ametrine: to bring spiritual strength, fortitude, power, courage

Libra readers: yes, no? Maybe?


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