Leo & the dark side of the sun…

Some days I feel like I should be in a support group admitting that I am a Leo. I generally love being one, but it has some difficult aspects, no doubt.  To be clear, I am a Gemini sun – but being a Leo moon and Leo rising gives me a Leo heart/subconscious and I come across as one too – and my Venus in Leo only adds to the mix!


Do you have Leos in your life? A bit about them:

Leo is a fire sign – all about DOING.  Leo is the FIXED fire sign.  So not only doing…but stubborn doing!  (fun, right?)

Leos believe it is ALL possible – and they can imagine it all!

“Leos have an infectious zest for life and a warmth to their spirit, with maybe a small flair for drama and the extravagant. People naturally gravitate towards Leo, attracted to their enthusiasm, balance, and command. But simultaneously, a Leo can be independent. This strong and dignified sign lives by honor, filled with a sense of pride, and treats others with respect. These traits make Leo the ultimate friend.”

-are loyal (if their ego is taken care of)
-are confident (but sometimes insecure that others won’t think they’re great)
-are very resilient
-are charismatic
-are bold
-are not easily angered, but when they do get mad, they can roar!…but it subsides quickly, and they forget about it
-are very productive, but in quick bursts, after which they need time to rest and revive
-usually have good hair (random, but true)
-are very picky about their friends and who they want to give time to
-love gemstones and things that sparkle or shine…but throughout life, need to learn that the THINGS don’t always bring the HAPPY
-are passionate, but have to learn how to balance/check this so they don’t get burnt out
-can be impulsive
-are typically involved in lots of things, all the time
-can fear they are “too much” for other people
-are NOT boring, but can get bored easily
-generally may seem not to need others, but they really do…it just doesn’t show.
-are not always easy to love, as they don’t know how to ask for the affirmation and care they need.
-age well, and do learn to ask for love as they mature.

the Leo symbol is the lion, and for good reason…

like a lion, when hurt, a leo will forgive, but doesn’t forget

like a lion, when hurt, they withdraw to care for themselves and their wounds.  they may appear fine, as they keep those injuries hidden. they have their pride, after all.

like cats, leos like time alone to groom and relax

leo parents generally have a lot of lived experience to share and lead with. leo mothers are, like lionesses, very protective – don’t mess with their cubs.

Leo MOON folks: these are musicians and entertainers – they can easily pick up new things. give them a stage!  they can also be a little flighty and scattered.

Leo RISING folks: optimistic, generous, kind – confident, without so much brooding as leo sun people

people with Venus in Leo: love passionately

Leo children: strong, confident, independent – may seem like they don’t need parenting, but they really do…parents have to get under that confident veneer so they can see what the child needs.

stones for Leos:
sunstone – for sacral leadership and inspires Leo to take action and own your desires. It also prompts creativity and brings energy to new ideas.

peridot – a stone of potential, manifestation, possibility, courage, faith and deep abundance. Leo can use it to open up to the breadth of life’s possibilities as well as the depth of life’s meaning.

black onyx helps the you relieve stress. It purifies your thoughts and inner monologue, helping you to think more positively. And as we think, so we believe and behave. This stone can change the Leo’s life.

herkimer diamond – a luminous variety of quartz found only in rare pockets of New York. This stone is known as “the stone of attunement”. The energy of this quartz vibrates high, aligns you with Source energy, and Leos should use it to open the crown chakra.

It’s not always super easy to love a Leo…but they need your love, and once cared for, they will be loyal, and fiercely powerful for you in return!


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