Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Aries: Be the change!

Powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse tonight (in 4 degrees of Aries)
10:51 PM EST (also a Super Moon)


During the next two weeks, we are realizing things that have been suppressed or ignored.
We are considering independence: where do we need to be more assertive, more accommodating? Where are we being too independent, or not independent enough?

This is a time to look at the roles we play in life – think about them in your own life, journal about them, perhaps.

Get your own thinking sorted out internally before having new conversations – look within, be honest with yourself and others. There can be power/control issues right now, so keep choosing love over fear, connecting to others, use what you’re passionate about to empower others. Take a pause, center, collect yourself before communicating with others. Take. Your. Time.

Where have the feminine & masculine energies gone out of balance for you?
What happens when there is too much of either?
What roles or contracts do you need to redefine or release?

Time to stretch and grow when it comes to our daily projects – completing tasks may seem to take extra effort these next two weeks. Take it one step at a time, be patient, and give patience to others. Trust the process.

Ask yourself:
What single, simple action could I take right now that would move a project forward?
What should I NOT do until I have a clearer, long-term view?

This full moon is about creating true partnerships that serve you on collective and personal level, make sure they are healthy. A time of bringing people together, mutual empowerment. Look at yourself and as Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world.

Don’t jump the gun on anything – if you can watch and observe those urges until mid-October after eclipse season ends, it would be better. Not a good time to push or force anything. If you’re unsure AT ALL, wait! More information will come that you don’t currently have. Be patient, allow yourself to receive this consciousness upgrade.


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