tonight’s eclipse: slow down, surrender, allow the shift

From VirgoMagic, my notes in blue

With the Eclipse in the sign of the Ram, we’re feeling into the essential Aries questions: Who am I? and What do I want? We’re feeling into where the spark of vitality, our passion, our desire, is calling us NOW.  This Eclipse is a lot about releasing old ideas of who we “should” be, who we used to be, and what we used to want. Shedding a layer, letting go of what no longer feels aligned with our true self, uncovering more of our present-time authenticity.

There’s the potential for some serious emotional reactivity – especially anger (and anger’s cousins: frustration, crankiness, irritability). Anger can help us identify what we really want, and are not allowing ourselves to have, and where we need to take action and/or set a boundary. However! The Aries South Node warns not to act from an emotionally-charged state of anger, impatience or judgment. The Libra North Node points to the best way forward, and recommends slowing down, taking some deep breaths, seeing situations from another’s perspective, objectively weighing out all sides of an issue, and creating fair, just and beautiful outcomes.

neptune in piscesAccess the witchy power of Mars in Virgo by stepping up your self-care habits, purifying your body, and cleaning your home – both the physical and energetic “stuff” that’s accumulated (light up that sage…). Activate your Spiritual Warrior through prayer, meditation, ritual, surrendering to the Mystery while fully grounded and centered in your body and in present time.

And! Deepening the underwordly, lost-in-the-dark, shadow-revealing, pressurized qualities of the Eclipse, Pluto – God/Goddess of the Underworld – is stationing, preparing to turn from Retrograde to Direct (forward) on Thursday (11:57pm Pacific). Pluto turned Retrograde on April 16, just a few days before the Aries New Moon, and we’re now revisiting themes from that time. As I asked in my April 15 postWhat needs to be released so that more of your true self can emerge? What’s the “deadwood” in your life that’s holding you back from acting on your deepest desires? Where are you stifling or suppressing your creative energy because you’re following someone else’s rules?

Whew, yes, a lot going on. Breathing, breathing. More breathing.

For deeper insight into what Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 4 degrees Aries. The areas of life signified by that house are where:  change is brewing, volatile energy is erupting, and something from the past is coming to culmination, fruition or completion; where you’re being called to activate your Spiritual Warrior; and where you’re asking the Aries questions, What do I really want? Where is my vitality and excitement calling me? What would it look like to express more of my true self?

There’s a lot of energetic focus on being authentic lately – being more of who we really are. I’ve felt this energy in my slow process of coming out of the (broom) closet to more people one by one. I think I have had some fear of needing to announce to the world what I believe, for fear it would begin arguments and confrontations, but I am realizing that if I make a commitment to being myself as things come my way, these things reveal themselves to people who it SHOULD be revealed to.  I’ve experienced more support and positive feedback than I thought I would.  I am learning that if I just keep being myself, the universe will flow in the right way without me having to create upheaval here.  That’s my two cents on current authenticity energy.

With this Aries energy, I am conscious of the tendency toward anger or other volatile emotions, and making sure I breathe through those if they come up.

As for that last paragraph, 4 Aries is in my 8th house – a house of death, rebirth, sex (the darker kind), other people’s money, and other uncomfortable areas of change. I am not sure what this means right now, but I will continue to be aware of it…


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