Why we use incense

“In ancient temples, incense was burned to purify the atmosphere, focus the mind and calm the senses as well as to symbolically carry the prayers and requests of the worshippers to the gods and goddesses above.  As it spirals up to the heavens, the fragrant smoke forges a link between earth and the heavenly realms, becoming a flight-path for prayers, spells and incantations…

Our sense of smell is registered in the part of the brain that is connected with memory, emotion and instinctive activities. Fragrance plays a very important part in controlling our feelings and responses…this response is the basis for choice of the different incenses and oils used in magic: just as they attract or repel us, some scents can be used to attract positive vibrations, and others to drive away negative influences.  Similarly, some scents have a refreshing or energizing action, while others promote calm and relaxation; some aromas invoke sexual desire, while others quell it; some are head-clearing and encourage clarity of thought, while others promote dreams and intuition, creativity and inspiration.” 


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