Celtic Month of the Reed

Celtic Calendar: Reed Moon Month
October 28 – November 24
The Celtic Moon month of Reed prompts you to withdraw from the outer world, to look within yourself and reconnect with the past.

Reed is typically used to make wind instruments, and this time of year, its haunting sounds are sometimes heard when the souls of the dead are being summoned to the Underworld. The Reed Moon was called Negetal, pronounced nyettle by the Celts, and is sometimes referred to as the Elm Moon by modern Pagans. This is a time for divination and scrying. If you’re going to have a seance, this is a good month to do it.

This month, do magical workings related to spirit guides, energy work, meditation, celebration of death, and honoring the cycle of life and rebirth.

The celebration of Samhain, now known as Halloween, occurs during the Reed Moon.  To the Celts this month hailed the end of the year, a time to cull the livestock and to connect with ancestors.  All around the world festivals that honor the dead are celebrated.  During the Reed Moon, light a candle for loved ones who have died and you may receive a message from the spirit world.

Releasing Old Energy

The Reed Moon is a good time to use divination to gain insights into the year that has passed.  Perform spells that will release old energy, and burn symbols of illness and negativity in your bonfire on Halloween.  Remember the Celtic year does not begin until the Winter Solstice, so use this interval to dream, not to make plans for the future.


In the past, the reed was used to make swift-flying arrow shafts that slew both enemies and game.  In this way the plant was linked to the season of death and sacrifice, in which trees shed their leaves and the energy of nature became more introspective.  Many early musical instruments also used the reed to create a haunting sound that has been connected to rites for the dead and summoning the spirits.

Wind Instruments

Modern-day wind instruments have developed from the same principle used by original reed instruments, whereby a current of air is vibrated to produce a melodic sound.

Other traditional uses for reed include thatching.  Rooftops were thatched with reeds, and as the Celts withdrew into their homes for the winter they honored the plant that gave them shelter, making the reed a symbol of royalty and protection.

In the depth of winter, you need to recharge.  As you tend to stay indoors a lot during the cold season, this is a good time to both focus on and bless your home.


Harness the power of the plant of protection and divination during this lunar month. Using Reed magic can help you to connect with your ancestral roots or let go of the past.

Ancestor Spirit Altar

Use this ancestral ritual to connect with your ancestors and other loved ones who have crossed to the spirit world.

You Will Need:

  • Ancestral images
  • Three white candles
  • Flowers

First, place the ancestral images on a table, with flowers and candles.  Light each candle in turn and offer after each in the following order.

Candle one:

I honor the Ancestors of my Blood.

Candle two:

I honor the Ancestors of my Heart.

Candle three:

I honor the Ancestors of my Tradition.

Meditate, letting images peacefully drift through your mind, and ask for a sign that your loved ones are still with you in spirit.

Protection Charm

Use this reed charm to protect yourself from negativity.

You Will Need:

  • Freshly cut reed
  • A black ribbon

1.  Visualize yourself within a circle of white light.

2.  Tie a knot in a freshly cut reed, as it will be more flexible, and then say, “Royal Reed, plant of protection, keep me safe until the new year.”

3.  Suspend the knotted reed from the ceiling using the black ribbon.

4.  At Christmas, take it down and burn it.

Samhain Reed Spell

If you need help in letting go of something from your past, use a little reed magic at Samhain (October 31).

You Will Need:

  • Knife
  • Pen
  • Sea salt
  • Matches
  • Fireproof dish

1.  Go to a spot along the river bank where reeds grow tall and strong.

2.  Sprinkle sea salt on the surface of the water and say, “River of birth, river of death, I honor you.  Please accept this offering.”

3. Now choose a reed, cut it, and carefully draw a symbol, or write a word, to represent what you wish to release on the reed.

4.  Light the reed in the fireproof dish and, as it burns, visualize the old energy being transformed into light and disappearing.

5.  Once the reed has burned away, pour the ashes into the water and walk away, feeling fully cleansed of the past.

Traditional Magic

Try bringing some reed magic into your life with these traditional rituals:

  • Leap over a small bonfire to leave behind the old year.
  • Eat an apple at Samhain at midnight to dream of your spirit guide.
  • Carve out a turnip or pumpkin as a lantern of protection.
  • Bury an apple at a crossroads as an offering to the spirits of the dead.
  • Use the runes for divination or to gain insight into your current situation.


Taurus Full Moon: The Money Fountain

Also from MoonCircles.  I need a fountain in my house ASAP.  Amazon Wish List to the rescue.

“This summer’s Venus retrograde delivered much needed slow down time -to enjoy the bounty and beauty of summer, to get firmly reacquainted with pleasure again- which also coincided with diminished clients, and therefore less money. Like others who run their own business, I’ve learned to ride the cyclical nature of cash flow like a surfer waiting for the next wave. There’s no point in fighting it, falling into abject depression over lack, when the next wave will eventually come. I use down time to realign my energies so the money can find me again. It is called flow, after all.

So I gardened. Inspired by a trip to a local Victorian house, circa the Great Gatsby era, where I saw a moon garden worthy of F. Scott and Zelda, I had to attempt to replicate my own version. A moon garden of silvery greens and white blooms designed just so that when the full moon shines, the garden lights up the shimmery moonscape, setting everything aglow in a silver-white cast. It took a little cash to create, but not much. A tour from the master gardener of the house yielded gifts of succulents, volcanic rock, and bags fresh redwood chips. “Ask and you shall receive” is more than a motto for my second house Neptune. So is “have faith”. Along with: “Isn’t this an utterly impractical way to pay the bills?” Over the years I’ve learned to dial down the anxiety and just trust my intuition.

Because every Cancer truly needs both a Moon garden and the sweet gurgle of moving water throughout the day, we built a fountain, too, decorating it with sea glass and shells I’d retained from a trip to Baja several years ago. I relaxed deeply into a new daily routine of twinkling water at my every turn. And several days later, a funny thing happened -people suddenly wanted to pay me money for my services again. After two months of finding my flow at a very slow drip, my hands were busied, and not with dirt, flowers and fountain assemblages – but with new clients.

What happened? I asked Google. Google told me that, according to Feng Shui, I had added the most powerful symbol of prosperity and abundance, a fountain, to my home. Not only that, I had placed it in the North, next to the front door. North rules the career and life path sector… and the door, well, people and their money were now walking through it. Coincidence? Magic.

Money is often a source of fear, insecurity and craving for humans; so many people in this world hunger for things and opportunities money allows. Yet we are provided for in endlessly creative ways, and in my experience, the Universe rewards our attempts at co-creativity. It may take work, but not too much. Taurus Moon wrote the lazy (wo)man’s guide to happiness. If there were such a book it would certainly read: To have more of what you want and need, start with what you enjoy. It’s a Venusian credo, to be sure, but for those who successfully practice bliss, joy, relaxation, creativity, enchantment… it’s not wishful thinking, but thinking from a more intelligent place. It’s what I call thinking with your Venus. 

Taurus has special resonance with abundance, the natural world of our senses, and the animal longings of our bodies. Like animals, we are each unique in the particular comforts that bring pleasure. From a twinkling fountain, to biting into a cold, crisp autumn apple; from the smell of homemade caramel bubbling on the stove, to a deep kiss from a lover or a lick on the nose from a pup, right now we can relax into simple pleasures.

Taurus Full Moon heightens our love for pleasure, creature comforts and abundance. This can bring up our longing for material security –and its lack. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try taking inventory what you do have (for instance, I had a swath of unused land). Then, from a perspective of abundance, ask: What can I do with the resources I already have? Fix that broken clock you’ve been meaning to fix. Get your oil changed. Polish your silver. Appreciate the satisfaction these small fixes bring. With Venus and Mars in Virgo already lining up for a rendezvous on November 2, the God and Goddess of Small Miracles are standing by. Co-conspire with them…then watch how your garden grows.”

Taurus Full Moon: The Sorcery of Benign Neglect

This post from MoonCircles is a little long, but interesting!  My comments at the end in blue.

“We visited a Taurus-rising friend in her Bay Area home last spring, and she treated us to a tour of her thriving garden. My husband and his Taurus Moon were especially taken with her “tater totes”—recycled tote bags, perfect for growing potatoes. But nothing impressed him more than her elaborate, three-section composting shed. While the two discussed, at length, its design, construction, and functionality, I (no planets in Taurus) wandered off to find the cat.

Plant some Taurus in a birth chart, and it will generally grow into a green thumb. My husband has stationed a cookie-jar sized container next to our kitchen sink to collect scraps for his own, cherished compost heap. And just this morning, my Sun in Taurus neighbor cheerfully described what a good time she’d had yesterday, working in her garden. She’d started out a little bit sad and out of sorts, she said, but a day of puttering around in the dirt had set her right.

Taurus has an instinct for cultivation. Its opposite sign, Scorpio, symbolizes the process of death and decay, the spent organic matter that’s thrown on the compost heap and the busy, helpful insects that break it down. The result, to most of us, looks like plain old dirt. But from across the horoscopic wheel, Taurus recognizes the resulting loam as beautiful, nourishing, and helpful, and knows just how to use it to encourage things to grow.

It’s not always gardening that engages Taurus’ talent for growing things. Some with this sign strong in their charts kill their house plants with alacrity but are brilliant at cultivating a thriving business, a stable organization, or a devoted cadre of friends. They’re geniuses at taking over a situation that has collapsed through mismanagement, malfeasance, or pure exhaustion, and restoring it to strength and health.

Taurus has a gift for nurturing, but it’s not the tender, sympathetic nurturing of, say, Cancer. Rather, Taurus’ style is a blend of hands-on labor and benign neglect. Plants, people, and organizations thrive under Taurus’ care because they receive the right amount of support, sustenance, and stability, without getting smothered. From the time we could walk, my Sun in Taurus mom taught us manners and supervised our chores, but gave us a pretty long leash when it came to playing in the mud and falling on our butts. She used to joke, “If my kids haven’t eaten a pound of dirt by the time they’re walking, I haven’t done my job!” We got into all sorts of scrapes, but after a quick inspection for real damage, she calmly dusted us off, slapped bandages on us, and distracted us from dramatic tears and temper tantrums with a brisk joke and a cookie.

There’s something reassuring about Taurus’ cheerful confidence and utter lack of drama. As kids, we’re haunted by nameless fears—of the dark, of losing our parents, of being bullied at school. We see creatures in the shadows and are terrified by vivid, scary dreams. We’re attuned to Scorpio’s invisible, magical world, and we’re drawn to horrific fairy tales that help us understand what we find there. As we grow into adults, we don’t need nightmares or the Brothers Grimm to scare us; life itself gives us plenty to worry about. Through it all, Taurus is the sensible, grounded voice that reassures us that everything will work out, that makes us feel better about things by refusing to make a big deal about them.

In the Scorpio season, the shadows grow longer and the days shorter. What was planted in spring and flourished in the summer is withering and exhausted. Our late autumn festivals celebrate the crops that have been harvested and the loved ones who have passed on. We acknowledge the mystery and necessity of death during Scorpio’s season.

But each of us, in our Taurus planets or house (don’t know how to find it? this post should help), possesses the sorcery of benign neglect. In some part of your life, you know how to make things grow, how to support life without smothering it, and to comfort those who are fearful. So at the Taurus Full Moon, gather up the compost of fears, failed dreams, and insecurities. Till them into the garden’s soil; then cover it up for the winter and let it rest. By spring, the soil will be strong and refreshed, and ready to nurture fresh, new, and abundant life.”

This week’s full moon is happening at 3 degrees Taurus – which, on my chart, is in my 9th house. This would assert that the area in which I know how to naturally and effortlessly make things grow, support life without smothering it, and comfort those who are fearful would be long journeys (both physical travel and emotional/spiritual travel) and higher learning (both formal and informal).  That completely feels like me.  So, keeping this in mind on Tuesday in these areas: “Gather up the compost of fears, failed dreams, and insecurities. Till them into the garden’s soil; then cover it up for the winter and let it rest. By spring, the soil will be strong and refreshed, and ready to nurture fresh, new, and abundant life.”

Star Stuff: Full Moon in Taurus, 10/27/15


At this full moon, the Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus. This is the last of three “Super” Full Moons in a row. Super Moons occur when the Moon is at its closest distance to the Earth at the time of a New or Full Moon. During a Full Moon, this could very well mean an increase in emotional reactions, but it could also facilitate greater awareness around the issues connected to the Full Moon energy in question.

This Full Moon deals with the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. We’ll seek balance around this polarity — something needs to be brought into alignment — so let’s look at the two poles in question:

Scorpio teaches us to connect to our deepest passions, overcome our fears, let go of our emotional attachments or traumas, and connect deeply to ourselves and others. It teaches us to embrace all of who we are (the good, the bad, the ugly), so we can be more authentic and feel more empowered.

All this happens by bringing a conscious approach to our intimate relationships and the issues we frequently deal with when it comes to authentically connecting. Trust plays a big role in having healthy intimate relationships — and trust is something that develops over time — more slowly for those of us who experienced trauma in the past (this applies to developing trust with ourselves, as much as with others).

Transcending trauma to gain inner strength and wisdom can take time — it certainly can’t be rushed. Even if the mind understands what’s going on, recovery is an emotional process; these always take a little longer than mental processing. However, when we don’t start this process at all, we get stuck in projections. We’re left blaming others and feeling dis-empowered.

Awareness (and embracing that which enters awareness) is the only way to move towards empowerment.

Let’s look at the other pole in this balancing act: Taurus seeks a healthy relationship with the physical world — this includes our body, planet, resources, money, and our highest values. We learn about the power of beauty and what makes us happy on the physical level. We develop our talents and sense of self-worth — and we can discover and manifest what we truly want.

A healthy sense of self-worth is critical: No amount of money or material possessions will substitute. Ask yourself: What matters most to me? What makes me happy?

Some of us are over-focused on the material side of life, while others are mainly focused on the spiritual aspect of life — and mightn’t fully grasp their real worth in the material plane. For example, some of us might have a hard time asking for money, or even knowing what we have in our bank account. Where do you fall along this spectrum?

What if you changed your point of view toward the physical world by just 5%? What is in the way of you honoring your gifts/talents and feeling confident in the world?

So, some coaching questions for this Full Moon:
If you were projecting energies on to others, what might those energies be?
If that question has you stumped, try asking this: What has been hard to embrace about yourself?

Remember: We don’t have to go to the extremes; this is about finding the healthy expression of any energy. How self-aware and self-compassionate could you allow yourself to be?

Star Stuff: Sun in Scorpio


Today, the Sun changes signs from harmony-seeking Libra to passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio. The guiding principle of Scorpio is “I desire”.  With the Sun in Scorpio our consciousness is drawn towards depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling.

Superficiality simply will not do for the next 30 days. We have the desire to get to the bottom of matters. We are more interested in that which is hidden, taboo, secret or suppressed. Scorpio’s energy is passionate, strong-willed, and intense. Used in its highest vibration, it can be an immensely healing and transformative energy.

With the Sun in Scorpio, depth of perception becomes the norm.  Everyone becomes much more aware of the mystery of life.  We are sensitive to the dark spaces within our own souls, and more tuned in as well to depth connection with others around us.  With the night of the dead/Samhain, we celebrate these feelings, our perception, and the thinness of the veil between the worlds.

On a lower vibration, Scorpio can express jealousy, vindictiveness, and use manipulative tactics. Bring your awareness towards your feelings, fears and behaviors. As best as you can, embrace all your feelings, let go of your fears and strip yourself from behaviors that no longer serve you.

All this is especially true if you are a Leo or Scorpio Sun-sign or Rising-sign. As a Scorpio, you will feel a good dose of confidence and playfulness in the next four weeks; as a Leo, you are more aware of your own shadow parts…anything that you have suppressed or denied about yourself: integrate all those parts, as best as you can.

Pathway to Ascension: Scorpio Sun Sign

It’s your time of the year, Scorpio!  I love this way of looking at each sign, considering what you are learning and becoming in this lifetime?


“The person who is Scorpio incarnated to win the symbolic battle of Armageddon between her lower self’s desires and the soul-centered self. A Scorpio incarnation is a difficult one involving the search for transformation. Scorpio is to overcome all selfishness and to learn the art of self-sacrifice for others. Scorpio feels the urge to develop her unique individuality and to refine it.

Scorpio, on the personality level, is self-centered. She unconsciously creates a series of self-annihilating events. Her purpose is to cause enough pain within herself to awaken her to the opportunity for redemption. Much of this pain is created through being jealous, vindictive, sarcastic, and underhanded. As Scorpio achieves objectivity and patience, her inner brilliance begins to shine forth. She is loyal to her family and willingly makes sacrifices for them. Scorpio is supportive in assisting others in their creative self-expression. Scorpio is courageous, highly intuitive, with a personal magnetism that draws friends to her. She possesses a very strong will, a keen analytical mind, and talent for long-range planning. She can be extremely resourceful and creative. Living near water is healing for Scorpio. Marriage and relationships are important.

Her transformation involves learning to be outgoing toward others and to use her tremendous power to heal and bless others. When Scorpio serves with no thought of self, she is dynamic – even majestic. At the soul-centered level, Scorpio exhibits an inner brilliance and magnetic power. She has tremendous healing ability and becomes totally dedicated to the unfolding of the Divine Plan for all of humanity.

The Scorpio incarnation is a decisive one following which she will either progress to Sagittarius or retrogress back to Libra. Scorpio is the way out of the personality-centered life. She is to be resurrected from the ashes of her lower self into the Phoenix-her soul-centered symbol. As a One-pointed Disciple, she is to transform the energy of conflict into harmony, beauty, and love.”

Wow, Scorpio….deep.


Native American Zodiac: Snake (Scorpio Sun Sign)


Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Most shamans are born under this Native American animal symbol. The Snake is a natural in all matters of spirit. Easily attuned to the ethereal realm the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions. The Snake’s preoccupation with matters intangible often lead others to view them as mysterious, and sometimes frightening. True, the Snake can be secretive, and a bit dark – he/she is also quite sensitive, and caring. In a supportive relationship the cool Snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, and helpful. Left to his/her own devices, the Snake can be despondent, violent, and prone to abnormal mood swings. Learn more about the Snake totem here.

God Assigning Duties To Each Zodiac Sign

Whether or not you believe in a personified “God”, this is an interesting read and take on the signs.

“And it was morning as God stood before his twelve children and into each of them planted the seed of human life. One by one, each child stepped forward to receive his appointed gift.

‘To you, Aries, I give the seed first that you might have the honor of planting it. That for every seed you plant one million more will multiply in your hand. You will not have time to see the seed grow, for everything you plant creates more that must be planted. You will be the first to penetrate the soil of people’s minds with My Idea. But it is not your job to nourish the Idea, nor to question it. Your life is action, and the only action I ascribe to you is to begin making men aware of My Creation. For your good work I give you the virtue of Self-Esteem.

To you, Taurus, I give the power to build the seed into substance. Your job is a great one requiring patience, for you must finish all that has been started, or the seeds will be wasted to the wind. You are not to question nor change your mind in the middle, nor to depend on others for what I ask you to do. For this I give you the gift of Strength. Use it wisely.

To you, Gemini, I give the questions without the answers, so that you may bring to all an understanding of what people see around them. You will never know why people speak or listen, but in your quest for the answer you will find my gift of Knowledge.

To you, Cancer, I ascribe the task of teaching people about emotion. My Idea is for you to cause them laughter and tears so that all they see and think develops fullness from inside. For this I give you the gift of Family, that your fullness may multiply.

To you, Leo, I give the job of displaying my Creation in all its brilliance to the world. But you must be careful of pride and always remember that it is My Creation, not yours. For if you forget this, people will scorn you. There is much joy in the job I give you if you but do it well. For this you are to have the gift of Honor.

To you, Virgo, I ask for an examination of all that humankind has done with my Creation. You are to scrutinize their ways sharply and remind them of their errors, so that through them my Creation may be perfected. For doing this I give you the gift of Purity of Thought.

To you, Libra, I give the mission of service, that humans will be mindful of their duties to others. That they may learn cooperation, as well as the ability to reflect on the other side of their actions. I will put you everywhere there is discord, and for your efforts I will give you the gift of Love.

To you, Scorpio, I give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the minds of the other people, but I do not permit you to speak about what you learn. Many times you will be pained by what you see, and in your pain you will turn away from Me and forget that it is not I, but the perversion of My Idea, that is causing your pain. You will see so much of humankind that you will come to know them as animals, and will wrestle so much with the animal instincts in yourself that you will lose your way; but when you finally come back to Me, Scorpio, I have for you the supreme gift of Purpose.

To Sagittarius, I ask that you make people laugh, for amidst their misunderstanding of My Idea they become bitter. Through laughter you are to give people hope, and through hope turn their eyes back to Me. You will touch many lives if but for a moment, and you will know the restlessness in every life you touch. To you, Sagittarius, I give the gift of Infinite Abundance that you may spread wide enough to reach every corner of darkness and bring it Light.

To you, Capricorn, I ask the toil of your brow, that you might teach people to work. Your task is not an easy one, for you will feel all of humankind’s labors on your shoulders; but the yoke of your burdens contains the Responsibility of your Brothers and Sisters, which I put into your hands.

To you, Aquarius, I give the concept of the future that people might see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, for I do not allow you to personalize My Love. But for turning people’s eyes to new possibilities I give the gift of Freedom that in your liberty you may continue to serve humankind wherever they need you.

To you, Pisces, I give the most difficult task of all. I ask you to collect all the world’s sorrows and return them to Me. Your tears are to be ultimately My Tears. The sorrow you will absorb is the effect of people’s misunderstanding of My Idea, but you are to give them compassion that they may try again. For this the most difficult task of all, I give you the greatest gift of all. You will be the only one of my twelve Children to understand Me. This gift of Understanding is for you, Pisces, for when you try to spread it to humankind they will not listen…’

And the children left, each determined to do his job best that he might to receive his gift. But none fully understood his task or his gift, and when they returned puzzled God said, “You each believe that the other gifts are better. Therefore I will allow you to trade.” And for the moment each child was elated as he considered all the possibilities of his new mission. But God smiled as he said, “You will return to me many times asking to be relieved of your mission, and each time I will grant your wish. You will go through countless incarnations before you complete the original mission I have prescribed for you. I give you countless time in which to do it, but only when it is done can you be with Me.'”

How To Eat For Your Zodiac Sign + Why It Matters

Found this interesting, posted on MindBodyGreen.


The path to healthy eating may be written in the stars.

Your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your true nature, and how you nurture yourself.

Here are some stellar healthy eating tips that can boost your optimal well-being. Read the one for your Sun sign; and if you know your Moon and Rising signs, read those too.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

You love firsts, so why not make the most of the first meal of the day. You can still honor your fast-out-of-the-gate nature by enjoying a breakfast that’s both quick and healthful. It will give you the fuel you need to power through the rest of your active day.

Approach Change Slowly

Being a creature of habit, your feathers get a bit ruffled by quick change. Therefore, instead of radically overhauling your diet, gradually implement healthful modifications. Pick one dietary resolution at a time and be patient with yourself as you slowly change your eating ways.

Focus On Your Food

You’re a master of multi-tasking, Gemini. Yet, doing double-duty during meal times— say, eating while web surfing — can have you rushing through meals, minimizing their enjoyment. Enjoying food that captivates your interest will slow down your eating, enhancing nutrient absorption.

Enjoy Home-Cooked Meals

Preparing food is so rewarding for nurturing Cancer as it’s an activity into which you can pour your love. Cooking more of your meals at home can nourish your body as well as your soul. After all, for you home is not only where the heart is, but also where the hearth is.

Celebrate, In Moderation

A fun party is one of Leos’ favorite pastimes. Yet, between the cocktails and the canapés, festive gatherings can be a diet land mine. Opt for a low- or no-alcohol drink to save calories. Enjoy an appetite-curbing pre-party snack to help you avoid impulsive food choices.

Enjoy Homegrown Food

Since earthy Virgos are very connected to the land, tending to a garden and growing your own food is something you’ll likely dig. Have limited outdoor space? You can still honor your inner farmer by growing a few pots of culinary herbs on your windowsill or in small containers.

Make Mealtime Beautiful

As Libras are nurtured by beauty, making meals an aesthetically pleasing experience will make them more nourishing. Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked dinner or take-out, using candles, nice dishes, and cloth napkins will elevate your meal into an artful experience.

Temper Emotional Eating

Driven by passion, you may find yourself eating for solace if others can’t meet you on a deep emotional level. Before seeking unrequited consolation in a box of cookies, instead probe whether another nourishing activity can provide you with the comfort you’re seeking.

Be A Culinary Globetrotter

With a love of travel, Sagittarius has an affinity for the global and exotic. Even if you’re unable to journey to far-away places, you can enjoy the cuisines of those lands. This will keep your diet interesting as well as expose you to the healthful ways of other cultures.

Invest In Eating Regularly

Focused on all that needs to be achieved, Capricorns don’t like diversions — even hunger — that can keep you from your work. Yet remember: eating at regular intervals is a great investment in your health and can elevate your A-Game, adding to the productivity that you cherish.

Honor Your Need For Freedom

Freedom-lovers extraordinaire, you want to beat to your own drum, even when it comes to eating. So give yourself the liberty to approach mealtime design in a way that reflects your independent streak. For example, if you’d rather eat six mini-meals than three square meals, give yourself that flexibility.

Practice Mindful Eating

While daydreaming feeds your spirit, doing so during meals can cause you to lose track of the food you are consuming. Practicing mindful eating — being present and savoring the experience of your meal — can help you feel more grounded in your body, a boon to ethereally inclined Pisces.