Star Stuff: Venus in Virgo


Last week, Venus moved into Virgo.  For the next three weeks, our relationships are going to be put under the magnifying glass. We are more likely to want to make our relationships work in real terms.

We need to feel of service to others; we love to help, especially in a practical, down to earth kind of a way. With Venus in Virgo, our love nature is most easily expressed through humble service. You will enjoy tending to the details for your partner and might become more practical in your pursuit of love. Passionate romance loses ground in favor of sensible relationship with purpose. This might also be a great time to acknowledge the people in our lives who take care of those little, daily details and make our lives easier.

On a social level, we might be more shy during this time — less confident — and most likely too busy to uphold our social commitments. On the financial side of things, we may want to invest in our health — especially around healthy daily routines — and anything that makes life run more smoothly on a practical level.  Folks are also more mindful of purchases now and tend toward being thrifty.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus or Libra? If so, you will feel more shy and possibly busier than usual for the next 3 weeks. Your heart will want to be of service to others. Being healthy and having a healthy partner is important now. If you are a Virgo Sun-sign or Rising-sign, you are going to have more love and beauty in your life for as long as Venus is in your sign.


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