Pathway to Ascension: Scorpio Sun Sign

It’s your time of the year, Scorpio!Ā  I love this way of looking at each sign, considering what you are learning and becoming in this lifetime?


“The person who is Scorpio incarnated to win the symbolic battle of Armageddon between her lower self’s desires and the soul-centered self. A Scorpio incarnation is a difficult one involving the search for transformation. Scorpio is to overcome all selfishness and to learn the art of self-sacrifice for others. Scorpio feels the urge to develop her unique individuality and to refine it.

Scorpio, on the personality level, is self-centered. She unconsciously creates a series of self-annihilating events. Her purpose is to cause enough pain within herself to awaken her to the opportunity for redemption. Much of this pain is created through being jealous, vindictive, sarcastic, and underhanded. As Scorpio achieves objectivity and patience, her inner brilliance begins to shine forth. She is loyal to her family and willingly makes sacrifices for them. Scorpio is supportive in assisting others in their creative self-expression. Scorpio is courageous, highly intuitive, with a personal magnetism that draws friends to her. She possesses a very strong will, a keen analytical mind, and talent for long-range planning. She can be extremely resourceful and creative. Living near water is healing for Scorpio. Marriage and relationships are important.

Her transformation involves learning to be outgoing toward others and to use her tremendous power to heal and bless others. When Scorpio serves with no thought of self, she is dynamic – even majestic. At the soul-centered level, Scorpio exhibits an inner brilliance and magnetic power. She has tremendous healing ability and becomes totally dedicated to the unfolding of the Divine Plan for all of humanity.

The Scorpio incarnation is a decisive one following which she will either progress to Sagittarius or retrogress back to Libra. Scorpio is the way out of the personality-centered life. She is to be resurrected from the ashes of her lower self into the Phoenix-her soul-centered symbol. As a One-pointed Disciple, she is to transform the energy of conflict into harmony, beauty, and love.”

Wow, Scorpio….deep.

4 thoughts on “Pathway to Ascension: Scorpio Sun Sign

  1. When you say retrogress to Libra, how is a Libra a worse state to be in? And does that mean the 12th house being Pisces is the highest ascension? If so, I would assume the reincarnation to cycle through again with Aquarius being the first. Iā€™m eager to hear what you know about all this šŸ™‚

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    • hi there!
      none of the signs are better or worse than others – but they can be seen as a soul’s journey. the soul should have grown through libra already when it’s here in scorpio – retrogress just means going backward in terms of evolution and soul lessons learned. šŸ™‚

      I wouldn’t call any of them higher or lower, as they all have their place. it’s more about what lessons that astro placement is meant to bring us, how we receive and integrate them, and continue to grow along the spiral.

      does that help?

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