Star Stuff: Full Moon in Taurus, 10/27/15


At this full moon, the Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus. This is the last of three “Super” Full Moons in a row. Super Moons occur when the Moon is at its closest distance to the Earth at the time of a New or Full Moon. During a Full Moon, this could very well mean an increase in emotional reactions, but it could also facilitate greater awareness around the issues connected to the Full Moon energy in question.

This Full Moon deals with the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. We’ll seek balance around this polarity — something needs to be brought into alignment — so let’s look at the two poles in question:

Scorpio teaches us to connect to our deepest passions, overcome our fears, let go of our emotional attachments or traumas, and connect deeply to ourselves and others. It teaches us to embrace all of who we are (the good, the bad, the ugly), so we can be more authentic and feel more empowered.

All this happens by bringing a conscious approach to our intimate relationships and the issues we frequently deal with when it comes to authentically connecting. Trust plays a big role in having healthy intimate relationships — and trust is something that develops over time — more slowly for those of us who experienced trauma in the past (this applies to developing trust with ourselves, as much as with others).

Transcending trauma to gain inner strength and wisdom can take time — it certainly can’t be rushed. Even if the mind understands what’s going on, recovery is an emotional process; these always take a little longer than mental processing. However, when we don’t start this process at all, we get stuck in projections. We’re left blaming others and feeling dis-empowered.

Awareness (and embracing that which enters awareness) is the only way to move towards empowerment.

Let’s look at the other pole in this balancing act: Taurus seeks a healthy relationship with the physical world — this includes our body, planet, resources, money, and our highest values. We learn about the power of beauty and what makes us happy on the physical level. We develop our talents and sense of self-worth — and we can discover and manifest what we truly want.

A healthy sense of self-worth is critical: No amount of money or material possessions will substitute. Ask yourself: What matters most to me? What makes me happy?

Some of us are over-focused on the material side of life, while others are mainly focused on the spiritual aspect of life — and mightn’t fully grasp their real worth in the material plane. For example, some of us might have a hard time asking for money, or even knowing what we have in our bank account. Where do you fall along this spectrum?

What if you changed your point of view toward the physical world by just 5%? What is in the way of you honoring your gifts/talents and feeling confident in the world?

So, some coaching questions for this Full Moon:
If you were projecting energies on to others, what might those energies be?
If that question has you stumped, try asking this: What has been hard to embrace about yourself?

Remember: We don’t have to go to the extremes; this is about finding the healthy expression of any energy. How self-aware and self-compassionate could you allow yourself to be?


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