Star Stuff: Venus in Libra


Sunday, Venus changed signs from detail-oriented, practical Virgo to harmony-loving, balance-seeking Libra, where it will journey until Dec. 4th. With this placement, we prefer to show kindness, even-handedness, and a willingness to make our relationships work.

With Venus in its home sign of Libra, everyone is more inclined to take the necessary steps to achieve true collaboration with a partner. You are willing to negotiate and can see the other person’s point of view with greater clarity. You may also tend to avoid conflict and as a result, avoid getting to the heart of any relationship troubles. With this placement, people enjoy spending money on things that they feel are beautiful and elegant.

We love to communicate about our relationships at this time and we prefer entering into equal partnerships. During this time, we can develop an idealized view of what a relationship “should” look like. We do our best to treat others fairly for the next three and a half weeks, seeking the middle ground. We are more likely to appreciate the arts, dance, beauty, entertainment and romance.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus? If so, you will feel more connected to your inner harmony for the next 3.5 weeks. Your heart will want to connect to others in an equal setting. If you are a Libra Sun- or Rising-sign you are going to have more love and beauty in your life for as long as Venus is in your sign.


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