Full Moon: November 25th, the Mourning Moon

*This moon is coming in two weeks, but I wanted to post now so we can use the building of this energy between now and the full moon!


In Pagan and Wiccan tradition, names are given to each full moon, similarly to the naming of the full moons in Native American traditions. In both Wiccan and Paganism the customary name for November’s full moon is the Mourning moon. It is also known in Native American tradition as The Moon When Deer Shed Antlers, because it signifies the time when we shed. We release the past and let go of the baggage weighing us down.

It is a sacred and spiritual transition, navigating the winter months – a dark season that eventually gives way to bright new life come springtime. In old Celtic custom, November was the start of the New Year, and as such, this time was all about letting go. This is the month to bid farewell to toxic relationships, attitudes, behaviors, and habits in order to make space for new beginnings to come.

The Mourning Moon shines light on the toxins in your life, and encourages you to let them go. It is okay to grieve; in fact, grief is encouraged. As you release these energies, you release a part of yourself that will soon be made better and stronger for it. Soon you will feel empowered to let those shadows go, let grief flow, and clear your aura to make room for what’s coming. Feel yourself grounded more deeply in the Earth, while also more profoundly connected to Source, in the silver glow of the Mourning Moon.


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