Mars in Libra to January 2016

Mars is the planet of action, energy, and motivation, and spends 7 to 8 weeks in each sign (unless retrograde).


Today at 4:41 PM EST, Mars changes signs from detail-oriented, practical, service-oriented Virgo to relationship-oriented, harmony-seeking, justice and equality-oriented Libra. Mars will journey through Libra until Jan. 3rd, 2016. When Mars is in Libra, we are more inclined to put our energy into projects that involve equal partnerships, cooperation and justice.  With Mars in Libra, for you and for everyone, energy is focused on effective collaboration. It might not be easy to reach a compromise with a partner; however harmony can be achieved through conflict.  It’s a good time to fight for a relationship.

We are also looking to achieve physical balance. Passions may run high during this time; sexual tension and competitiveness with others is also possible. It can be a stimulating, creative, passionate and invigorating time.

That said, we might seek more independence in our relationships — and patience with others is most likely not going to be our strong suit. As best as you can, use this energy to initiate new relationships and to find harmonious solutions for relationship issues. Give your body time to connect to that place of inner balance.

If you have an Aries Sun or Rising sign, you are going to be quite a bit more focused on relationship issues and justice. If you are a Libra Sun or Rising sign, you will feel quite energized and passionate for the next 7.5 weeks. Channeling this energy into physical exercise or a project might be advisable.


3 thoughts on “Mars in Libra to January 2016

  1. That explains a lot. My writing focus on my blog has been really intensely directed toward issues of social justice lately. Thank you for shedding light on that urge. I’m always happy to know that I have been picking up on the right signals and acting upon them. Best wishes. Thank you for yet another great reading!


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