Pathway to Ascension: Sagittarius

As the sun enters a new sign tomorrow, we look at what those people born under the Sag sign are evolving into…


“The person who is Sagittarius incarnated to search for wisdom. Sagittarius asks: “What is my purpose in life?” He is goal-oriented, continually moving from the completion of one objective to an even higher one.

On the personality level, Sagittarius is controlled by his own desires and passions. At this level, Sagittarius attempts to control the persons and events within his environment, rather than learning to control his own lower self. He tends to project blame onto others, to procrastinate, and to lack tactfulness. Though his impulsive words can be painful, Sagittarius seldom means to hurt others and can be shocked to find he has done so.

As Sagittarius awakens to the spiritual perspective, he strives to develop self-discipline and to channel his abundant energy into fulfilling his soul purpose. Sagittarius is versatile, optimistic, friendly, and daring. He does well in vocations that involve risk-taking, travel, and sales. Sagittarius needs to be free to roam the planet and to contemplate the meaning of life. Sagittarius is a fortunate energy; life is usually filled with adventure and abundant living. He has an innate understanding of people. Education and communicating what he knows are a major part of Sagittarius’ journey. He is playful and spontaneous.

A Sagittarius incarnation marks the final stages of the transformative purification process. Often a hip injury will mark the beginning of this self-transformation. Sagittarius is to become the One-pointed Disciple symbolized by the Knight riding his horse. The Knight’s arrow signifies a shaft of light released from his Higher Mind to be used to enlighten others. At the soul-centered level, Sagittarius becomes the minister, teacher, and healer of humanity. He is a true visionary and inspiring prophet.

2 thoughts on “Pathway to Ascension: Sagittarius

  1. In the lead up to my birthday in December I can really feel those energies coming into deeper prominence, especially in my writing. In the lead up to the full moon recently, there was some very strong mercurial influences, which caused me to engage in an intense bout of writing. The optimism, abrasiveness, the sense of manifest destiny as a world healer, communicator and bold explorer has been very present in all my recent works, especially this one. I would be honored if you would take a look at it. Many kind regards.


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