Gemini Full Moon Update: 11/25


This is a time for quiet celebration, acceptance of change, and making choices. If you have been ambivalent or in resistance around certain issues that require a choice, this would be a good time to finally make that choice. If you have been afraid to step out of your limited container, and you feel the pressure to do so, now would be a good time to at least make a choice and commitment to doing so.

This Full Moon comes with an energy that is inspirational for moving ahead, completing tasks and releasing old attachments. Even if you just take a few minutes and clean out a cabinet or drawer, it will make you feel like there is movement in your life.

Being around beauty will give your day a higher centered quality and as we North Americans are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, a good dose of gratitude will help balance the negativity, pressure and confusion you may have been feeling of late. This is a good time for gathering support around a project or idea whose time has come.


Gemini Full Moon
Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Gemini 3º
Wednesday, November 25, 5:44 PM Eastern Time

The Sun has just moved into Sagittarius, so the Moon is Full in an early degree of Gemini ~ a mutable air/fire combination.  The centaur archer icon of Sagittarius shoots his arrow skyward expanding his horizon and initiating his quest for adventure and true knowledge.  Instinct and intuition are wed.  Here we have the perpetual learner, restless traveler, and wise philosopher searching for the truth and seeking to expand consciousness to find the meaning of life.  Jupiter is Sagittarius’ ruler lending its expansive, positive attitude.  Life is a quest for truth, meaning and purpose for Sagittarius.  Look to your purpose, your true quest, your inspiration at this Full Moon.  You’ve been gathering information and experiences for a lifetime (Gemini); now, take a moment to reflect on which gods you have chosen to give meaning and purpose to your journey (Sagittarius).  As a fire sign, Sagittarius uses faith and optimism as his most powerful tools to create a meaningful life.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, has recently entered Sagittarius for the next few years and is traveling with the Sun now and opposing the Full Moon.  Mercury is there too.  So it’s Sun, Saturn, Mercury joining together to reflect the lessons of this Moon.  Our lessons may come through communication or travel or our sibling relationships with Mercury involved.  We may become highly aware of how our long held belief systems limit our reason and rational minds. With Saturn in play, our freedom may be curtailed in some way as Sag values freedom highly.

But most importantly, Neptune is squaring the Full Moon and the Sun, Saturn, Mercury trio forming a T-Square.  Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces will be one of the major configurations for 2016 with exact squares now on Nov. 26 ‘15, then June 18 ’16, and Sept. 10.  Saturn has a sobering and dampening effect on the sign it inhabits for two and a half years.  Skepticism rules.  But the gifts are discipline and focus.  Neptune in its own sign contributes potent idealism.  It brings faith that the power of compassion and imagination will prevail in the bigger picture.  You may feel the palpable tension of daily, physical limitations and the exalted beauty and blessings of life created by this Saturn/Neptune square.

Looking towards the gifts, the Gemini Moon is in a Grand Trine in air signs with Mars (our desires, passion, and courage to act) and Ceres (our nourishing, procreative, and builder of self-worth).  The Gemini Moon occupying both the more tension filled T-Square and the easeful Grand Trine is that neutral mediating force that versatile Gemini does so well.  There may be just enough punch to get us moving on some quest that we have long wanted to embark upon~ maybe a health regime, revamping your home to make it your own for this part of your life, undertaking a pilgrimage to discover who you are now, getting to that writing or publishing project….  There’s no end to the horizons where Gemini/Sagittarius can seek meaning and adventure although, areas of teaching, learning, foreign influences, and legal issues are favored.



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