star stuff: the year ahead, part 1

Get Obsessed With Your Health

Jupiter in Virgo until September 9

Reminder from the stars: Your body is your soul’s address here on Earth. Blend the bulletproof coffee and slip on the breathable organic cotton fitness gear. Supersizer Jupiter swirls through systematic Virgo until September 9, 2016, calling for a healthier work-life balance. Streamline. Simplify. Scale back. Stress is the enemy to the body as it can literally shut down the digestive system…which is the part of the body that Virgo rules. This is the year to work smarter, not harder—and to devote more spare time to self-care. You might even give “sweatworking” a go, the new trend of combining coworker meetings with trips to the gym. Who says you can’t solve that Q1 budget crisis on adjacent ellipticals as you power your brains up with oxygen. Load up on the preventative medicine like massages, acupuncture, vitamin-rich food, and above all, adequate sleep. Ignoring aches and pains would be unwise but don’t flip to the opposite extreme and start consulting Dr. Google, inflating hypochondria in the process. Book legit appointments with qualified MDs if something feels off. Changing our diets, getting tested for food allergies, and taking food-based supplements could work wonders. Earthy Virgo can point us towards natural healing or “functional medicine,” the new holistic hybrid of East and West.


One thought on “star stuff: the year ahead, part 1

  1. It’s great to see someone who mentions the connections between astrology and the body. You don’t get to see enough of that. Keep up the great work. Love the style: interesting, modern and very practical. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes!


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