star stuff: the year ahead, part 2

Take At Least One Meaningful Vacation

Saturn in Sagittarius all year

Now for the biggest paradox of 2016: Serious, structured Saturn—the planet of restriction—spends the entire year in free-spirited, globetrotting Sagittarius—the sign of expansion. Talk about a mixed message…and yeah, a cosmic mindf*** too. But Saturn in Sagittarius can help us stretch our horizons in a deeply mindful way. There will be less spontaneous weekends to San Juan in 2016 but more thoughtful (and spiritual) pilgrimages. Planning is Saturn’s forte so think about that epic getaway you’ve always wanted to take. Maybe you’ll voyage overseas to discover your ancestral roots and make awkward-but-loving hand gestures to communicate with cousins who speak a different mother tongue. Or you’ll take three weeks off from work to hike the Inca Trail, do teacher training at a Balinese healing center, or backpack through South America with your college BFF. Saturn loves a challenge and Sagittarius is the sign of higher education. If you’re learning and growing from your travels, you’re on the right track. The umbrella drinks and line dancing will just have to wait until 2017.


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