…a note on shadow phase

Today, Mercury enters a 2-week shadow phase as it reaches almost 15 degree of Capricorn. This precedes the retrograde phase, which will begin on Jan. 5th. If you want to buy, sell or ship big-ticket items — especially connected to transportation (cars, airline tickets, etc.) or communication devices (phone, computer, iPad, etc.) — be aware of the shadow periods as well as the retrograde phases.

If possible, get these things done before Mercury enters its shadow or wait until after the shadow phases are over (in this case: Feb.14th). Of course, if there is something that must get done during these phases, don’t put your whole life on hold, just because Mercury is retrograde or in its shadow. Sometimes things line up exactly at the “right” time. As best as you can, trust your intuition.

Just something to keep in mind!  Luckily, husband’s phone crapped out literally 48 hours before shadow phase started, so we were able to grab a new one quickly. 🙂


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